BG3 | How To Complete Investigate The Suspicious Toys

One of the most intriguing quests in BG3 is “Investigate the Suspicious Toys.” In this guide, we will see the details of this quest, step by step, providing you with a comprehensive walkthrough on how to complete it successfully.

How to Complete Suspicious Toys in Baldurs Gate 3  

“Investigate The Suspicious Toys” Quest Guide in BG3

Uncovering the Mysterious Refugees

As you enter Baldur’s Gate in the game, you’ll encounter a city in turmoil due to the arrival of refugees fleeing from the army of the Absolute. Among these refugees is Arfur Gregorio, a man who appears to be extremely anxious about the contents of his basement.

You are faced with a choice: whether to allow the refugees to stay in Arfur’s house or not. However, the crux of the matter lies in Arfur’s heavily protected basement and the secret it holds about the toys he’s been distributing to the refugees.

Entering the Basement

If you side with the refugees, Arfur will vacate his home after a Persuasion check, allowing you to investigate further.

Descending into Arfur’s basement, you’ll encounter a perilous environment filled with traps and trip fireworks. Navigating this treacherous terrain might prove easier for characters skilled in agility and perception.

Upon reaching the other side of the basement, you’ll discover a small chest that can be disarmed, leading you to a shocking revelation: Arfur has been blackmailed into creating dangerous toys intended for the refugees.

Tracking Down the Dangerous Toys

Having learned about dangerous toys, your next objective is to locate them. Contrary to expectations, the evidence isn’t in Arfur’s basement. Instead, you must make your way southeast of his mansion to the Requisitioned Barn with your party in tow.

Engaging in a Persuasion Check with the guard at the entrance, you gain access to the barn.

Inside the barn, a search leads you to a particular crate at the far end, indicated by your party members as containing the hazardous toys. Disarming this crate is essential, and once accomplished, you’re acknowledged by the guard.

While he acknowledges your success, he seeks your assistance in identifying the culprits behind this scheme, thereby setting the stage for bringing Arfur to justice.

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Arfurs Heavy Chest Location in Baldurs Gate 3

Unmasking Arfur’s Motives

Finding Arfur isn’t an immediate task; it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with Baldur’s Gate before pursuing him. Eventually, he’ll appear in the Sharess’ Caress, situated next to the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing.

Engaging in dialogue, you can choose to accept the gold he offers to drop the matter or persist in investigating. Pressuring him reveals that he was coerced by a group into his actions, a group he’s reluctant to identify.

Utilizing an Intimidation Skill Check to compel him, you gain access to information about Felogyr’s Fireworks, a clue leading to the lower cities of Baldur’s Gate. Armed with this lead, your party sets out to uncover the truth behind this explosive conspiracy.

Felogyr’s Fireworks: The Culmination

Journeying to the lower cities, you make your way to Felogyr’s Fireworks. Utilizing the password provided by Arfur, you gain entry.

Upon reaching the top floor, the final phase of your investigation unfolds. While the third floor remains inaccessible, you can discreetly move your party members, particularly one skilled in Stealth, towards the upper levels.

Upon arriving on the second floor, you overhear guards discussing rusted pipes, offering a chance to resolve the situation without combat.

Alternatively, you can engage in combat, confronting and defeating the individuals within the building and thwarting their explosive operation.

A Strategic Heist: The Final Twist

For the more stealthy player, an alternative approach presents itself. By sneaking into the third floor and pilfering from Tomboldt the Pallid, you acquire a crucial note detailing explosives beneath the Iron Thorne. This knowledge grants you a strategic advantage in future endeavors.

Disarming the Toys in Baldurs Gate 3


The “Investigate the Suspicious Toys” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 presents players with an engaging and multifaceted challenge. From navigating treacherous basements to unraveling a conspiracy, this quest is a microcosm of the game’s depth and complexity.

With our comprehensive guide, you are equipped to undertake this quest with confidence, exploring the narrative intricacies and strategic options Baldur’s Gate 3 has to offer. Embark on your journey to justice, intrigue, and explosive discoveries in this enthralling RPG world.

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