BG3 – Baelen Walkthrough – Mushroom Picker Quest

BG3 – Baelen Walkthrough – Mushroom Picker Quest –  The Mushroom Picker quest involves saving Baelen in the treacherous Underdark region during Act 1. This guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to successfully rescue Baelen and complete the quest.

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BG3 – Baelen Walkthrough – Mushroom Picker Quest

Never go alone on a ‘shroom hunt!

Initiating the Mushroom Picker Quest

As you explore the Underdark region, you’ll encounter a female Dwarf named Derryth Bonecloak who is searching for her husband, Baelen.

Upon speaking with her, she will ask if you’ve seen Baelen on your travels, thus initiating the Mushroom Picker quest. Despite her apparent lack of enthusiasm to reunite with her husband, it’s your choice to help Baelen out of his predicament.

Finding Baelen

Head to the northwest corner of the Underdark region to locate Baelen. He is in a dangerous situation, surrounded by Bibberbang mushrooms that explode upon sensing vibrations. This is where your rescue mission truly begins.

Rescuing Baelen

To save Baelen and complete the Mushroom Picker quest, you need to help him escape from the explosive mushroom field. When you initiate a dialogue with Baelen, you’ll notice that he requires a Misty Step scroll to safely navigate through the hazardous area.

Delivering the Misty Step Scroll

Here comes the tricky part – getting the Misty Step scroll to Baelen without triggering the explosive mushrooms. There are a few ways to accomplish this:

Direct Approach: If you can skillfully maneuver around the mushrooms, you can simply hand over the Misty Step scroll to Baelen during the dialogue.

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Strength Roll: Alternatively, you can attempt a Strength roll of 10 to toss the scroll to Baelen. This requires a bit of luck, but it’s doable. Choose your strongest companion to improve your chances of success.

Turn-Based Mode Dash: Engage the turn-based mode and use the Dash action to swiftly move past the mushrooms without setting them off. As long as you end your turn at a safe distance from the mushrooms, you won’t trigger their explosions. This method offers a relatively safe approach.

Obtaining Baelen’s Bag

In addition to rescuing Baelen, you can also retrieve his bag from the hazardous area. To do this, consider using spells like Enhanced Leap or Misty Step to jump over the explosive mushrooms without activating them.

Once you reach the bag, pick it up from the exact spot where it lies. From there, you can toss the bag to Baelen, enabling him to use a spell from the bag to escape the mushroom field unharmed.

Completing the Mushroom Picker quest not only grants you the satisfaction of aiding a fellow adventurer but also rewards you with experience points and potentially valuable loot.

Baldur’s Gate 3 encourages players to think creatively and strategically to overcome challenges, and the Baelen rescue mission is a prime example of this design philosophy.

In conclusion, the Mushroom Picker quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 presents an engaging and potentially perilous mission to save Baelen from the explosive mushroom field.

By carefully navigating the hazardous environment, utilizing spells and strategic approaches, and making thoughtful decisions, you can successfully rescue Baelen and reap the rewards of your heroic efforts in this captivating RPG adventure.

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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