Ghost of Tsushima | Common Performance Issue Fixes

Introducing the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut! Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of feudal Japan, players immerse themselves in the epic tale of Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior on a quest to protect his homeland from Mongol invaders.

However, amidst the beauty and intensity of the game, some players have encountered technical hurdles such as hitching, freezing, stuttering, and more. In response, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of potential fixes to address these issues and enhance your gaming experience. Let’s dive into the solutions tailored to overcome the challenges encountered in Ghost of Tsushima, ensuring every player can fully embrace the journey without interruption.

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Common Performance Issues Fixed In Ghost Of Tsushima

Our initial assumption pointed towards a significant memory leak problem as the likely culprit. However, this theory has been dismissed and proven false by multiple individuals who have confirmed it to be incorrect.

The Issues

Here are some of the issues identified thus far. While there may be additional ones, I’ll focus on listing the more significant ones, particularly those with potential solutions:

  • Hitching
  • Freezing
  • Stuttering
  • PlayStation overlay error (Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK)
  • PC slowing down after several hours of gameplay and even after exiting the game
  • Savegame bug preventing access to autosaves and manual saving

The Fixes

For addressing the issues of hitching, freezing, stuttering, and slow PC performance, several potential fixes have been suggested. One solution involves using a mod, such as the one available on this website, which enables High CPU Priority for the game executable.

Additionally, users have reported success by completely exiting antivirus software like “Malwarebytes” or any similar programs. Switching to Fullscreen mode after turning off “Malwarebytes” has notably resolved the issues for many players.

Furthermore, disabling overlays such as those from “GeForce Experience,” “Steam,” and “PlayStation” has been recommended. In-game, disabling Frame Generation can also help alleviate performance issues.

Adjusting settings in the Properties and Compatibility tab of the game executable is advised, including disabling fullscreen optimizations and running the game as an Administrator.

Moreover, in the Properties > Compatibility tab, users are encouraged to modify high DPI settings by selecting “Override high DPI scaling behavior” and ensuring it’s set to “Application.”

If running the game in Exclusive Fullscreen mode, switching to regular Fullscreen mode may offer improvements. Lastly, users are advised to close unnecessary third-party software running in the background, particularly resource-intensive applications like Chrome, as they can excessively consume system resources. This step may contribute to enhanced performance not only while playing the game in question but also for other games.

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Some Other Fixes

For addressing the issue of the missing PlayStation overlay (Failed to initialize PlayStation PC SDK), a potential fix involves navigating to the game folder and running PsPcSdkRuntimeInstaller.msi. Then, proceed to the directory

  • C:\ProgramData\Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc\PSPC_SDK\S22\ and execute PsPcSdkAppMgr.exe.

It’s important to note that ProgramData may not be visible if hidden, so ensure Windows folders are unhidden in your system settings.

Additionally, creating shortcuts on your desktop for both files may be helpful, as you may need to perform this process each time you start the game or restart your PC.

Regarding the issue of the game not saving, and the inability to save manually (lack of access to autosaves), a potential solution involves accessing Windows Security by typing it in the Start menu.

Then, navigate to Virus & threat protection and select Ransomware protection (located at the bottom). Click on Manage ransomware protection. If the Controlled folder access button is set to On, simply switch it Off. This adjustment may resolve the saving issue.

If you’re struggling with frame rate consistency, tools like “Rivatuner Statistics Server” can be a godsend. This versatile software allows you to cap frame rates to your preference, ensuring smoother gameplay without taxing your system unnecessarily.

And remember, when it comes to hardware monitoring and overclocking, “MSI Afterburner” is a popular choice. While it’s a powerful tool in its own right, pairing it with “Rivatuner” isn’t always necessary, contrary to some misconceptions.

A Special Request

To expedite the patching process, I urge you to submit a ticket outlining the issues you’re experiencing. While not everyone may be affected, those encountering problems and unable to resolve them with the provided fixes should seek assistance through troubleshooting/support.

It’s crucial to address these issues promptly. Despite the game’s overall smooth performance, these persistent issues detract from the experience. As PC players, we deserve to enjoy this masterpiece in its most polished and optimized state.

I encourage fellow gamers to collaborate, communicate, and share information on potential fixes while awaiting upcoming patches and updates. Don’t hesitate to submit your ticket here and contribute to improving the gaming experience for all.

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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