BG3 – How To Get Flawed And Legendary Helldusk Armor Set

BG3 – How To Get Flawed And Legendary Helldusk Armor Set – With a plethora of captivating weapons and apparel awaiting discovery, we’re here to guide you through acquiring the sought-after BG3 Flawed Helldusk armor and its legendary counterpart from the House of Hope.

How to get BG3 Flawed Helldusk armor and Legendary from House of Hope

How To Get The Flawed & Legendary Helldusk Armor In Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Get Flawed Helldusk Armor

To get the Flawed Helldusk armor in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need the following components:

  1. Infernal Iron or Infernal Alloy: Secure three or a single Infernal Alloy. These precious materials form the core of your crafting endeavor.
  2. Tiefling Refugee Salvation: Ensure you have saved the Tiefling refugees, allowing you to interact with Dammon.

With your materials and the refugees safe, you can craft your Flawed Helldusk armor. The Infernal Iron can be located in various spots throughout the game, but if you aim to forge a connection with Karlach, opt for the Infernal Alloy instead.

This coveted reward can be acquired by completing Stonemason Kith’s quest in Grymforge, located at coordinates X:661 Y:368.

The Infernal Alloy is a must-have for those keen on pursuing a romantic interest with Karlach. However, if your intentions differ, Infernal Iron remains a suitable option.

Armed with either three Infernal Iron or a solitary Infernal Alloy, seek out Dammon at the Tiefling Refugee Camp or Last Light Inn during Act 2.

Once you engage with Dammon, he will expertly craft the Flawed Helldusk Helmet, Armor, and Gloves, marking a significant stride in your journey.

How To Unlock The Legendary Helldusk Armor

Unlocking the Legendary Helldusk armor in BG3 requires a venture to the House of Hope:

  1. Unlock Baldur’s Gate City: First, go to Baldur’s Gate City. The path to the House of Hope is unveiled only once this milestone is reached.
  2. Devil’s Fee Shop: Locate the Devil’s Fee shop within the city limits. Here, you will engage with Helsik, who holds the key to your next destination.
  3. The Price of Passage: For 10,000 gold pieces, Helsik will teleport you to the House of Hope. Alternatively, if persuasion is your forte, you can secure passage for a more affordable 1,000 gold piece.
  4. Treasures Await: Once within the House of Hope, embark on a thorough search for the helmet and gloves scattered amidst the space’s treasures.
  5. Confronting Raphael: The pièce de résistance, the chest piece, can be claimed only after defeating the formidable boss Raphael.
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As you emerge victorious from the battle with Raphael and don the legendary Helldusk armor, you embody the embodiment of power and prowess.

The Path Forward

Baldur’s Gate 3 has graced PC gamers with its immersive experience, but its reach extends further. PlayStation players will soon be able to join the adventure on September 6th, with PS5 enthusiasts gaining exclusive access to Act 1 on September 3rd through the digital deluxe edition.

Cross-platform multiplayer is absent, yet the convenience of cross-save functionality ensures seamless transitions between different gaming sessions. Steam players can join forces with their GOG counterparts, uniting communities and camaraderie.

As you step into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, armed with your newfound knowledge of acquiring the Flawed Helldusk armor and Legendary BG3 apparel from the House of Hope, remember that the journey is just beginning.

Prepare for battles, forge alliances, and revel in the tapestry of immersive storytelling that Baldur’s Gate 3 has meticulously woven. Your destiny awaits, adventurer.

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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