BG3: Oliver Hide and Seek and Lifting Shadow Curse Guide

BG3: Oliver Hide and Seek and Lifting Shadow Curse Guide – Baldur’s Gate 3 is an expansive realm filled with quests, challenges, and mysteries to unravel. To succeed, you must also uncover the secret of Thaniel’s missing half.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of this quest and explore how to lift the shadow curse in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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BG3: Oliver Hide and Seek and Lifting Shadow Curse Guide

Finding and Locating Thaniel in Baldur’s Gate 3

Within the tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3, there comes a pivotal moment when Druid Halsin entrusts you with a vital task: to locate Thaniel, a spirit intrinsically connected to the cursed land.

This endeavor unfolds after completing the quest involving Art Cullagh at The Last Light Inn. The connection between Art and Thaniel provides the first clue in the search.

However, failing to accomplish the quest involving Art would obstruct your path to Thaniel and necessitate an alternative route yet to be discovered.

Upon awakening Art Cullagh, who knows Thaniel’s whereabouts, the only hint provided is of a “house with flowers.” This cryptic clue serves as a guidepost, pointing you toward a significant discovery on your journey to lift the shadow curse.

Baldurs Gate 3 Find Oliver

Confronting the Shadows: Rescuing Thaniel – Shadow Curse

Before unveiling the details of Thaniel’s missing half, your path intertwines with the relentless struggle against the shadow-cursed forces.

Halsin’s guidance leads you to the lakeshore, where a fierce battle against shadow-cursed creatures ensues.

Successfully defending a portal against the shadowy horde for four grueling turns solidifies your bond with Halsin and ultimately brings Thaniel back from the portal.

Yet, despite this reunion, Thaniel is incomplete, and a vital piece of his essence remains elusive.

At this juncture, your efforts converge with an essential decision: whether to invite Halsin to join your party. This decision sets the stage for your quest to lift the shadow curse by reuniting Thaniel with his missing half.

Baldurs Gate 3 House with Flowers Map

The Quest for Wholeness: Oliver Location and Lifting the Shadow Curse

Thaniel’s fragmented state beckons for resolution, leading to the elusive Oliver – the missing half vital to curing Thaniel and vanquishing the shadow curse.

North of the Shadowed Battlefield Waypoint, at coordinates X79 Y35, lies the fateful destination – the House with Flowers. Within its walls resides Oliver, shrouded in mystery and integral to the resolution of the curse.

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Upon arriving at the house, Oliver’s voice guides you before revealing his presence.

Engaging in dialogue with Oliver presents two distinct options: embarking on a game of hide and seek or demonstrating your knowledge of his identity and the urgency to reunite him with Thaniel.

Baldurs Gate 3 Oliver Dialogue 2

The Pursuit of Truth: Oliver Hide and Seek vs. Honest Confession

Choosing to play hide and seek with Oliver initiates a challenge of Perception and persistence. As he turns invisible and flees, your task is to navigate the surroundings and pass a crucial Perception check to unveil his location.

However, your victory in the game leads to an unexpected confrontation with a trio of formidable Shadows – Mummy, Daddy, and Doggy.

Triumphing over this shadowy challenge grants you the Ring of Shadows but doesn’t align with your true objective.

Contrastingly, opting for honesty and divulging your awareness of Oliver’s identity facilitates a deeper interaction.

This path involves confronting Oliver head-on, urging him to acknowledge his connection with Thaniel and the role he must play in lifting the curse.

Baldurs Gate 3 Oliver Dialogue 3

Reuniting the Spirits: Triumph over Shadows

Choosing truth over games initiates a dramatic sequence. Oliver opens a shadow portal and retreats, prompting you to follow.

A battle ensues against Shadows, including Mummy, Daddy, and Oliver. While Oliver conjures “friends” to aid him, they prove easily defeated.

Oliver’s defenses weaken as the battle unfolds, and his true form becomes vulnerable. The protective orb dissipates when victory is achieved, and only Oliver remains standing.

In a heartfelt conversation, the quest’s dialogue options may not substantially impact the outcome, but choosing “Talk to him, Halsin. You know what needs to be said better than anyone” proves effective.

Baldurs Gate 3 Thaniel

Harmony Restored: Conclusion and Next Steps

Thaniel and Oliver’s reunion resonates with a poignant farewell, a stark contrast to the confrontations of the past. The tendrils of the shadow curse begin to loosen, yet the quest for complete liberation remains unfinished.

Returning to camp, Thaniel provides insight: although Oliver’s return is pivotal, the lingering shadow curse necessitates confronting the formidable Ketheric Thorm.

In the heart of Baldur’s Gate 3, the journey to lift the shadow curse unveils layers of complexity. The path intertwines alliances, battles, and crucial decisions, culminating in a symphony of emotions as spirits unite and curses are dispelled.

As the tale continues, the shadow-cursed lands await further exploration and the ultimate challenge of facing Ketheric Thorm, where destiny and determination forge the future of this enigmatic world.

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