Botworld Adventure – All Bots Tier List

If you are looking for an updated Tier List for all Bots in Botworld Adventure, then this is the place to be. Now, you may be wondering what is the basis for such a Bot Tier List? Well, these tiers are assigned based on their performance at the endgame, their level-up capacity, and their performance and synergy in teams as well.

The endgame for Botworld Adventure, in my opinion, is a rating of 5500+. You should take note that some of the bots in this tier list can perform well.

That is based on which level you are using them on. Except for that, this tier list is solely a personal point of view, and it may be different from yours.

Post Updated with Sheller!

Botworld Adventure Best Bots Tier List


Criteria for Rankings/Tiers in Botworld Adventure

These are the criteria that will impact how the bots are placed in the list. There are certain points that determine the credibility and skills of a bot. Take careful note of these since these are the main topics that will cover the reason behind the positions:

  • The amount of damage the Bot does against enemies. The DPS count matter here so this is the first criteria
  • The assigned role you give to a bot and how it does to achieve that.
  • The uniqueness of the Bot in question. This means that is the bot doing something that is unique or is it repeating the same actions.
  • Synergy with teams is also a crucial role for a bot. So whether the bot does well against a certain team or is it versatile? This matters a lot.
  • Supporting or aggressive roles and how well does it perform that role is also a key point for this Bot Tier list.

Meaning of rankings/Tiers in Botworld Adventure

This will basically cover what are the meanings for S+, S, A, B, C, D, and F Tier for this list. If you take close look, it will be clear why a certain bot would end up in their respective Class/Tier/ranking:

  • SS+: This is the tier where the bot has all-around abilities to make it to level 5000+. this is basically the top-most tier for Botworld Adventure.
  • S+: These Bots can synergize with any team and usually have a great overall skillset. Except for, maybe one, there are no other flaws.
  • S: These are also decent picks that you can build a team around. These may not be extremely effective as single units but does very well as a team.
  • A: Still a viable source of Bot. Will do decently in teams. I would recommend that you use A-Tier Bots in teams only for assists.
  • B: You should use B Tier Bots only if you enjoy playing with them or like their aesthetics. I would not recommend using them otherwise.
  • C: C-Tier Bots should be avoided overall since their usability in the current meta is not viable. Expert players may still find ways to use them but definitely not for casuals.
  • D: Completely avoid using these bots overall. You can do way better with other tiers as there are plenty of options out there.

Tier-List of Best Bots in Botworld Adventure

Tier/RankingsBest Bots List for Each Tier
SS+Virus, Ram
S+Slicer, Longshot
SBullwark, Pluggie, Brute, Chainer, Mort, Bigshot, Flamer, Nozzle, Beat, Tether (new), Sheller (New)
AThump, Fork, Berserker, Dune Bug, KO, Froggy, Chomp, Pupil, Rocketeer, Bombee, Hornet, Halo (new)
BFrostie, Scatter, Lobbie, Gusto (new)
CSlash, Icicool, Barrie

botworld adventure best bots tier list

The list is arranged in the same name as the table. In this way, you will not have a hard time figuring out the icons for which bot has which name in the tier list. I will be putting the icons in the explanation for the tier list also so do not worry about that. Read on…

An explanation for The Tier List Placement of The Bots


Screenshot 1 6

First off, we have Virus coming in at SS+ Tier. This Bot belongs to the Brawler Class and has the rarity of Epic. Virus has been strong ever since he’s been introduced to Botworld adventure.

You can totally rely on Virus to play his role very well as a brawler, no matter which team you put him in. He has high HP and disrupts the enemy team by making them fight each other by hacking into them.

This also means less damage done on your own team. If you use Virus well with Hypercharge, you can completely negate an enemy team’s burst and use it against them. One of the best top-tier bots to have in your team in the current meta.


Screenshot 2 4

Ram is a top-tier Bot, hence I will put him in SS+ Tier. He is a Chaser class with a rarity of “Rare”. With the HP of a tank, the damage of a brawler, and the speed of a chaser, Ram simply belongs in this tier because of his absurdly good stats.

He has a place in any team that he’s put in and does his job as no other bot can. His Horn Flick can be tricky to get used to. At endgame (level 5000+), chasers are often intervened by a tank while he’s chasing a squishy bot.

This allows him to throw the tank behind him and keep going. These along with his overall great quality of synergizing with a team puts him up in the top tier.


Screenshot 3 3

Slicer is a Chaser Class and has the rarity of “Special”. Slicer has the highest DPS in the game (discounting Slash) and has the second-highest burst damage in the game just below Brute. Hence he belongs in the S+ Tier.

Unlike Brute, however, Slicer doesn’t need any setup for his burst and has a respectable 15 Movement Speed on top of a gap closer ability. He’s immune to slows and roots too. He’s not all too squishy either and overall a very scary, high-risk high-reward pick for any team.

I would definitely recommend Slicer in the current meta of the game if you are looking to build a top bots team!


Screenshot 4 2

Longshot belongs to sniper class and has the rarity of Special. may seem like your average sniper bot but he is far from that.

While there are other snipers that have better DPS than Longshot on paper, they are far more easily countered than Longshot. Longshot has very consistent damage and a failsafe ability to buy itself some Time when enemies get close.

A very safe pick that can easily find a great spot in any team composition. A definite pick for a balanced team, and an S+ Tier in my opinion!


Screenshot 5 1

Bullwark is a rare type and belongs to the Tank Class. It is highly competitive with Chainer and Nozzle. Bullwark is the most traditional tank out of the three. His movement speed is alright and he has a front-facing shield that reduces damage.

It soaks a lot of damage, and more often than not he’s facing the bot that’s fighting him, but his shield gets deactivated when stunned. A classic tank-type bot for all the tank hero lovers out there. An S Tier in my opinion!


Screenshot 1 7

Pluggie is splasher class with the rarity of Rare. Unlike other Splashers, Pluggie doesn’t have splash damage, but rather damage that bounces with a max range of 4 between 4 enemies. This almost always guarantees hitting at least two, if not three bots with extremely good damage.

As a bonus, he also has a baseline bouncing stun with big damage that drains ultimate charge. A well balanced bot in my opinion and a definite S Tier!


Screenshot 2 5

Brute is a Special Class within the Brawler Category. He has very high burst DPS. With the proper AI picks, Brute can pull out an Overclocked Spin that pumps out a tonne of damage in a single hit.

This usually one-shots most bots. Brute also has great crit AI if you’re looking to go for a crit build. This upgrades his Overclocked Spin to do even more damage.

This DPS provided by this bot is too much even for the top tier bots. Hence Brute lands in the S Tier as well.


Screenshot 3 4

This bot is a Tank and belongs to the Rare type. Chainer is an aggressive tank that keeps enemies away from your bots. This also allows the teams to quickly sweep enemy teams with relative ease.

Unfortunately, Chainer does not do well with many of the other bots. For example, Brute or Bigshots’ DPS gets hampered since Chainer pulls enemies away from them or out of their line of fire. AChainer requires a particular team to pick that deserves a high tier. This lands him in S Tier.


Screenshot 4 3

Mort is a rare slasher type bot. It is Brute’s smaller, long-ranged cousin. Doesn’t deal as much damage, but has ranged damage with large splashing. Has a tendency to run away a lot and not know when to stop. This can be problematic for players that use him a lot since he’s very slow. Definitely needs a helping hand from a good tank, but performs great when he does.


Screenshot 5 2

It is great as a ranged burst DPS. Bigshot definitely deserves an S+ tier in the lower levels of the game. As the game progresses though, bandits and PvP players alike will have abilities like Freeze, and Bigshot is a high priority target for the enemy AI with those CC abilities.

Since he needs four seconds to charge for every shot, it’s doubtful you’ll get two shots off before the game ends. Very easily countered.


Screenshot 6

Having damage that is nothing to laugh at with well-picked AI. Flamer’s DPS is fantastic and splashes in a wide arc.

On top of that, his Flame field ability deals extremely high damage, optionally heals him and forces enemies to run away from him. This allows Flamer to continue kiting if previously slowed or rooted.


Screenshot 7

The least traditional tank out of the high-tier trio in my opinion. The nozzle has the best survivability out of any bot in the game. Both fortunately and unfortunately, his kit is entirely ranged.

This means that he doesn’t take aggro off enemy bots by chasing them off his team, but also means that he can consistently deal damage and stun enemies with his ranged ability. He needs help from Gust or similar to steer enemies into him.


Screenshot 8

On paper, Beat sounds great but is held back by the fact that abilities are used automatically. This bot does not allow proper setup and timing with other bots’ abilities.

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The reason why he’s placed so high is because he has a niche use for quick burst teams like groupers where every bot uses their burst at the start of the match. Very effective for farming wild bots and other bots as well.


Screenshot 9

Thump is Rare Tank Type Bot. Thump is the best harasser in the game. He sticks to your squishy bots like crazy, and throws a long-lasting stun tantrum when you try to push him off.

Hands down the best CC bot there is, with respectable damage for a tank as well.


Screenshot 10

Fork has received buffs recently. Fork fills a niche role where he is currently the best poison-based attacker in Botworld.

Good damage, great evasiveness, and a fantastic CC ultimate. His poison also bypasses shields like Barrie’s barrier, but he has trouble finishing bots off before moving onto an unfortunately bulkier target, allowing his previous target to nuke Fork down from behind.


Screenshot 11

Not to be underestimated, Berserker could be considered a mix between Chainer/Yanky and Bullwark. He’s very tanky, has a big burst and charges into enemy bots to tank them away from your squishy bots.

He also has the fastest movement speed out of all the tanks and highest Damage Per Se, making him a great all-around tank that fits in a lot of team compositions.

Dune Bug

Screenshot 12

A particular team is what comes in when I think of Dune Bug. Dune Bug has respectable damage and can be extremely annoying to take down. He’s a high-damage kiter and does the job really well.

Pair him with an ultimate cooldown booster or two, set up the rest of your annoying arena team, and wait until people start pinging you on Discord to take him off your team.


Screenshot 13

KO has some of the best potential for a bot in the game, but needs a lot to reach it. It takes him 16 seconds to fully charge himself up to having lots of damage per auto-attack, which is a crazy amount.

Unfortunately, his HP is on the low end for a brawler and most of the time doesn’t live long enough to reach his third stack. He needs a full stall team and abilities to help him out.


Screenshot 14

One of the best bots in the early game, Froggy significantly starts dropping off in damage and usefulness around level 10 or so.

His damage simply isn’t where it used to be and he gets easily countered by botpack abilities, chasers with smart AI choices or simple bot abilities. Still the cutest mascot of the game though.


Screenshot 15

Chomp simply gets outclassed by the other snipers. Chomp has no disengage or safety and his auto-attack damage is lacklustre.

Something could be said for the life steal on his AI4, but it’s really negligible. The only thing he has going for him is his Nuclear Cylinders that can reach up to 8272 damage, which is pretty insane for a common bot.


Screenshot 16

Once again looking good on paper, Pupil just doesn’t make the cut and is outclassed by Bigshot if you want to keep your sniper far away for high damage.

Longshot if you want to risk going close for consistent damage, and Beat if you want to amplify your team damage.

Those are the alternate picks for Pupil. His tracking is too slow to keep up with evaders even with the AI speed and his ramp-up takes too long to reach the max.


Screenshot 17

Rocketeer fills the exact role of countering some specific bots with constant knockback CC. Bigshot’s charging gets interrupted by it, Pupil’s ramping, those are just examples. He deals respectable damage too and is the only common bot that has three abilities. An absolutely fantastic early game bot.


Screenshot 18

Bombee could have been an S+ tier bot, but it was not possible to ignore his own Self-Destruct damage.  Bombee had a well-timed Shield ability, but since that nerf,  Bombee has had trouble finding a place in most teams.

He can be countered quite easily by stalling his ultimate with plenty of abilities or simply killing him before it goes off. His win condition is killing himself to trade with another bot, which is pretty poor.


Screenshot 19

For being a poison-only attacker, Hornet has lower poison damage than Fork and Fork also deals half physical damage.

Hornet only has a place in full-poison teams because of his Toxic Shock, but full poison teams are very bad with the way poisons currently work (don’t stack and only refresh when the previous poison is at its last-second tick).


Screenshot 20

Frosty’s damage is absolutely terrible but makes up for it by having the best kiting in the game.

Especially now with the bot pack generation nerf, it’s harder to counter Frosty when he’s keeping an enemy melee bot permanently slowed. Unfortunately, though, there are better melee counters like Brute.


Screenshot 21

Absolutely terrible pick in the current meta of the game. Scatter gets horribly outclassed as an anti-melee bot by Brute, Ram and even Frosty.

Even at point-blank, it’s difficult to hit all his pellets and he’s the only bot that gets a negative benefit from having ranged attacks. It’s way too far away to the point that sometimes no pellets hit at all, making him completely useless against ranged enemy bots.


Screenshot 22

Good in the early game for groupers that don’t have better splashers like Mort. Lobbie has extremely low HP and no disengage or safety at all.

He needs to be babysat by Chainer or other tanks and even then he turns out to be outclassed by other bots, even most snipers. His vortex is the only thing he has going for him, but Beat does a better job at amplifying your team.


Screenshot 23

Although Slash has the highest DPS in the game, he has: No distance coverer, No disengage, slow or safety and, 2nd lowest HP in the game. It’s hard to make him work when he dies before he can even hit a bot.


Screenshot 24

Icicool does not do well at all against other bots. On paper, his ability should deal decent damage, if only his spread wasn’t three times as worse as Scatter’s auto-attack.

And even if they did all hit, it’s still not that amazing of a burst. This doesn’t stop people from trying to make him work, though. So you can totally try him out if you like that playstyle.


Screenshot 25

Don’t be fooled by Barries’ HP. Barrie has as much survivability as Bullwark. The difference is that Bullwark has faster movement speed, higher damage, reflects damage, and a ridiculously wide-area stun with massive damage.

Barrie is horribly outclassed by the rest of the tanks and he only serves to be a slowly walking barrel that the enemy team ignores most of the time until the rest of Barrie’s team is dead.


Screenshot 26

Basically a Chainer prototype v1.0. Just don’t use him. People have tried using him with Chainer, but the damage of your team is just too low. I would not recommend that you use Yanky at any point in the game if you want a balanced team. If you like the aesthetics, do try him out at all costs!


chrome PuvviKdTCh

Gusto is the newest addition to the list of bots in botworld adventure. This bot comes off as a support and a non-impressive one. That is because some of his abilities are just lacklustre. One example would be the Block back. Even if it is not ultimate, a 6s cooldown for it is kind of high!

His low HP is another downside to this bot. If you face melee bots and you place him wrong, he will most probably be dead quickly in-game.

The design also seems quite simplistic. I would say though, that you can synergize him with other bots to do cool combos.

One idea would be to use Melee and Tank bots to hurl towards the enemies who will then deal damage. This would be the only feasible combo I can think of. Let me know what do you think about him. For now he will end up in the B-tier for me.



Tether and Halo are the other two support bots added to the list in Botworld Adventure. First coming to tether, he is a special unit with 14K health which is more than Gusto. His abilities are also more viable here.

You can use his Group hug in only certain situations which can be a bummer. Otherwise good unit in my opinion. Not at all broken and can mess up games for you if you do not use his ultimate correctly. I will put him in the S-Tier.

That is because his attack and defence both are great and his mobbing skills are also decent. But his group hug is situational.



Halo is a rare support bot and low on attack to start off! Halo tends to miss some of his abilities at the current situation of the game. He does what a support is supposed to do, which is help the team

Shield bubble does a good job of defending the allies at some point in the game. Not a big fan of his attack stats at all, and he also tends to miss. You can gain projectile speed once you unlock his AI but that does not cover up the lack of ATK

He will be an A Tier for me.



Sheller comes in the form of a Splasher. Let me honestly tell you that Sheller is a lot of fun to play with due to its traps and high HP. I think Sheller has the most HP out of all the Splashers.

The movement speed for Sheller is slow which can be a downside, but other than that, it is a great bot to use in PvE content.

  • Sheller has High DPS, Attack Speed, and Attack DMG.
  • These three combined along with the skill sets makes sheller a must-have in your squad

You can currently get Sheller from the Season Pass, or, if you are lucky enough, you can get him from a random drop. Either way, I will rate Sheller as an S-Tier.

Well, that is all I am sharing in this post on the best bots tier list for Botworld Adventure. Take note that this tier list can be totally different from what you may have thought or seen elsewhere.

I highly advise readers’ discretion during the reading of the entire guide. Leave a comment if you have any doubts or suggestions to give. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

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