Across the Obelisk | Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks

Across the Obelisk is a coop RPG deckbuilding roguelite. Play alone or with pals, select your heroes, find things and cards, assemble your deck, and engage in intense tactical combat with formidable foes.

Do you have the courage to cross the obelisk? Simple Across the Obelisk guide for new players that includes general act I and Ylmer boss battle advice.

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Beginner’s Tutorial, Strategies & Walkthrough For Across The Obelisk


Act I of Across the Obelisk: A Simple Guide. This tutorial is meant to explain some game elements to new players and provide advice on how to defeat Ylmer. I’ll make an effort to make it as brief as I can.

Tips for Across The Obelisk in general

The option to enable expanded tooltips is available in the game’s settings menu. I advise turning it on during your first playthroughs because it adds more explanations for each game effect. Afterward, you may disable it.

One of the game’s most important stats is hero/monster speed. Since speed affects the turn order (which is displayed in the top character bar), acting before enemies is a significant advantage that should be taken advantage of.

Use cards like Rupture or Piercing Howl to slow down opponents. Prioritize any card that offers the “Faste/Haste” bonus (like the chant of initiative).

  • Between rounds, the energy needed to cast cards is retained, therefore energy management is important.
  • Don’t always use up all your energy in one round.
  • Keep track of your deck cards and turn sequence.
  • For instance, it is a waste of energy to use block cards on the round’s final hero.
  • ALWAYS check the resistances/immunities of the enemy.
  • Avoid throwing fireballs at fireimps or using bleeding cards on trunkies.
  • In this game, enemy resistances are actually extremely important.
  • EVENT ROLLS are notoriously harsh. It’s not necessary to roll; almost all events contain choices that don’t call for rolls.
  • Instead, read the possible outcomes of the event and take into account your current party status and decks.
  • Don’t feel pressured to roll because a poor roll could have disastrous results for your run.

Try several routes; you’ll encounter foes with various stats, decks, and resistances. Later on in the game, you can choose the route that best suits your group and decks.

Although corruption is challenging, the rewards are exceptional. Although they are tempting, I advise avoiding them for the first few runs. You receive hero perk points, unlocked new cards, and a reward chest at the conclusion of each run.

  • Starting decks can be significantly improved after the first few runs rather quickly.
  • In early runs, a single area of effect heal or dispel can completely transform the situation.
  • You can cash in up to 3 chests in a single run, so keep that in mind as well.
  • All of the cards that are seen are unlocked via divination. Use it; it’s a terrific early-game card-unlocking strategy.
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Short advice for Ylmer

In the first runs, Ylmer could seem like a tough boss, but after you know him, practically any deck can defeat him. If your party’s health is above 50%, try to get to him; if it is below 80%, I advise resting before combat. (Since it’s a roguelike, occasionally you’ll have a poor run.)

  • AVOID attacking Ylmer if he is wearing thorns! He takes care of removing the thorns so you can strike him in the following turn. Attack the horde or conserve energy (if I recall correctly is on the turns 2, 4 and 6)
  • It appears that he heals himself quite a bit, however after round 6, both thorns and healing stop.
  • Normally, I kill the trunkie first, then the dryad, balancing the energy and poking him when there are no thorns. Kill the tiny trunkies that summon at turn 4.
  • Youn should be able to kill him before turn 10 if he can be protected from the death rays from turns 5 to 6. After that, go full damage on him.

Insulation and bravery are excellent tools for reducing the effects of Ylmer death rays. If you’re still having problems, completely ignore him until round 7. Kill the ads and keep your party safe. Then after round 6, deal full damage to him.

Quick deck building advice

It may seem counter-intuitive to have a deck space. If you are unfamiliar with card games, make an effort to keep the deck as “thin” as you can.

  • The likelihood that your god/combo cards will appear, decreases with each card you add to your deck. Feel no obligation to select a reward card for each battle.
  • Add cards that don’t fit your build or strategy, too.
  • For me, trying out new, insane decks and combinations—playing with two priests, turning the mage into an energy source for the group, using the priest to deal shadow damage, etc.—is half the fun.

Hope this was helpful. It’s difficult to find “generic suggestions” without someone also bringing up an “op combination,” which inexperienced players occasionally feel “compelled” to use in order to be as effective as possible. Cheers!

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

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