COD MW2 – How To Get Mastery Camos And Unlock Them

The famed franchise of Call of Duty is all set to welcome its newest iteration in its fullest avatar. The upcoming October 28 release of Modern Warfare 2 has players excited all over the world, more so after the successful running of the open Beta stage over the past few months. There is a ton of action returning to our screens as has been a staple of the game ever since the first edition.

Additionally, there are a bunch of trophies and achievements for players to collect over the course of the game, whether it is through the Campaign or Co-op mode. It is something that players have loved over the years, and no doubt will be enthralled by in Modern Warfare 2 again.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game that has gotten gamers excited is the release of the full-fledged multiplayer version. It has mastery camos which players have a special affinity towards when they want to leave their mark amongst other opponents.

In that regard, the following guide will explain the details of the mastery camos and how to get them for each weapon category.

Call of Duty MW2 - Camos mastery

COD MW2 – What to know about mastery camos and how to get them

The multiplayer version of any Call of Duty game has always been a big draw and the same is the case this time around as well for MW2. You will have to battle it out with players from all regions of the world and a carefully thought-out camo can really help you carve your own niche in the battles.

Moreover, you can also show off your supreme abilities by knowing your weaponry which is always a nice touch.

The game presents a total of four mastery camos in MW2 which presents a variety of options for players to style their weapons. You have a good array of choices in order to design your weapons for multiplayer battles.

Of course, every category has a different set of requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to unlock the particular camo sets for your weapons. Since the game is not been fully released, the kind of weapons you will need and their unlock details are not out in public yet.

However, the information regarding the four mastery camos in MW2 is already in the public domain, and here’s what they entail:

  • Gold camo: You will have to finish every camo challenge in order to get a weapon.
  • Platinum camo: Reach full completion for all challenges in a particular category of weapons.
  • Polyatomic/Element camo: You have to get to Diamond camo level for each category of weapons present.
  • Orion camo: The final stage is where you get all camos for every weapon in the full game.

The major thing to know about all of the camos is patience. As mentioned above, the gold and platinum levels will take time as you make your way through the game.

The Diamond camo is kept a surprise so far, which means more information will only be known once the full game is released. Coming to the Orion camo, again, it will take quite a significant period of time to unlock this as the progression is not very quick in these particular areas.

There are specific camo challenges for each category of mastery camos, and we already know the ones for the gold and platinum categories. Therefore, you can find the challenges needed to earn camos of those categories below for many of the weapons segments present in the game.

Call of Duty MW2 - Camos explained

COD MW2 – All mastery camo challenges for Gold and Platinum categories

SMG Camo Challenges

  • 500 Kills
  • 100 Headshots
  • 110 Crouch Kills
  • 100 Hipfire Kills
  • 50 Longshots
  • 50 Mounted Kills
  • 250 Full Attachment Kills
  • 40 Reload Kills
  • 75 No Attachment Kills
  • 25 Streaks (three kills)


Riot Shield Camo Challenges

  • 200 Kills
  • 50 Injured Kills
  • 50 Kills from Behind
  • 30 Dead Silence Kills
  • 50 Crouch Kills
  • 25 Kills in Smoke
  • 10 Buzzkills
  • 25 Executions
  • 25 Streaks (three kills)


LMG Camo Challenges

  • 525 Kills
  • 75 Headshots
  • 65 Crouch Kills
  • 45 Hipfire Kills
  • 45 Longshots
  • 45 Mounted Kills
  • 180 Full Attachment Kills
  • 30 Double Kills
  • 75 No Attachment Kills
  • 25 Streaks (three kills)


Assault Rifle Camo Challenges 

  • 800 Kills
  • 125 Headshots
  • 160 Crouch Kills
  • 75 Hipfire Kills
  • 100 Longshots
  • 100 Mounted Kills
  • 180 Full Attachment Kills
  • 50 Reload Kills
  • 110 No Attachment Kills
  • 35 Streaks (three kills)


Shotgun Camo Challenges

  • 400 Kills
  • 75 Crouch Kills
  • 75 Hipfire Kills
  • 50 Pointblank kills
  • 50 Headshots
  • 100 Full Attachment Kills
  • 30 Reload Kills
  • 110 No Attachment Kills
  • 30 Streaks (three kills)


Pistol Camo Challenges

  • 250 Kills
  • 50 Headshots
  • 40 Crouch Kills
  • 30 Hipfire Kills
  • 30 Longshots
  • 25 Reload Kills
  • 110 Full Attachment Kills
  • 25 Double Kills
  • 75 No Attachment Kills
  • 25 Streaks (three kills)

Knife Camo Challenges

  • 50 Injured Kills
  • 50 Backstabs
  • 30 Deadsilence Kills
  • 50 Crouch Kills
  • 25 Double Kills
  • 25 Kills in Smoke
  • 10 Buzzkills
  • 25 Executions
  • 10 Streaks (three kills)


Launchers Camo Challenges

  • 125 Kills
  • 40 Attacker Kills
  • 40 Defender Kills
  • 75 Aerial Kills
  • 75 Ground Streak Kills
  • 50 “Spotter” Kills
  • 50 Support Kills
  • 50 “Warhead” kills
  • 50 Vehicle Kills


Sniper, Battle Rifle, and Marksman Rifle Camo Challenges

  • 450 Kills
  • 60 Headshots
  • 50 Crouch Kills
  • 50 One Shot Kills
  • 50 Longshots
  • 50 Holding Breath Kills
  • 150 Full Attachment Kills
  • 25 Double Kills
  • 75 No Attachment Kills
  • 25 Streaks (three kills)


Thus, that is all the information currently out there regarding all the mastery camos in MW2. You have to make sure that there’s no rush in getting the specific camos, which will require time. However, once you have your hands on them, there is no doubt you will be standing out amongst your peers in the multiplayer mode.

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

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