Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph – How To Craft Ikelos Weapons

Season 19 is officially launched, and with the 5.9GB update, we expect a decent amount of content to be added to the game. Surprisingly, the content was few and far between, but some points of interest caught out attention.

I will be telling you all how to get Red Border Ikelos weapons so that you can get patterns for the shotgun, the sniper, the hand Cannon, and last but not least, the SMG.

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How To Unlock Ikelos Weapons In Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph

Unlocking Ikelos Weapons

Firstly, go to your Seasonal Challenges for Season of the Seraph. You’re going to see the top two Seasonal Challenges for week one. So essentially, once you get two of these, you can focus on Ikelos weapons.

  • You will want to complete week one of the Seasonal Quest, five Battlegrounds, and open five Seraph chests that cost 500 of the Seraph Key Codes.
  • Also, you’re going to want to defeat 50 Powerful Hive.

Once you do that, you can hop right over to the EXO frame. You’ll want to go to Upgrades, and you’ll want to unlock the Seraphic Armor Focusing and Ikelos Weapon Focusing. This will allow you to focus on the armor and the Ikelos weapons.

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Focusing Deep Sight

But mainly today, we’re going to talk about the Ikelos weapons. Now you’re going to look at your upgrades, and you’re going to see three crucial upgrades that involve Deep Site Resonance Weapons. The first one is Focusing Deep Sight, which reads the first Ikelos or Season of the Seraph weapon you focus on each week, which will have a Deep Sight Resonance.

  • So, whenever you go to the EXO frame, you will see Red Border weapons for the focusing.
  • So the first weapon you focus on each week will be a Deep Sight Resonance similar to previous Seasons, like Season of the Plunder.
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Heisted Deep Sight

Now the next upgrade is Heisted Deep Sight. Heisted Deep Site reads the first time you open a locked Seraph chest and playlist Heist Battlegrounds; each week, an additional Seraph weapon you do not have the pattern for will drop with a guaranteed Deep Sight Resonance. 

  • This is good, as once you finish a pattern for a weapon, you most likely will not get another Red Border for that weapon, and you will get a Red Border for a weapon in which you have not finished the pattern.

So this does involve you opening the extra chest, which costs 500 Seraph Key Codes.

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Seraphic Deep Sight

Now the last perk you’ll want is the Seraphic Deep Sight bonus. Unlock Seraph chests and playlist Legend Ice Battlegrounds. You can get a drop of an additional Seasonal weapon with guaranteed Deep Sight resonance that you do not have the pattern for. So essentially, this will allow you to get a second Deep Sight weapon.

  • This will allow you even faster to unlock all the Ikelos weapons, including the Seraph weapons for this Season.

Seraph Key Codes

Many different upgrades allow you to hold more of the Seraph Key Codes. Unlock Seraph Key Codes by just defeating combatants and increasing the maximum quantity.

  • You’ll want to unlock all of these throughout the Season to make your progress much more manageable and get your patterns done before Lightfall.

I hope you found this guide helpful, and if you did, be sure to comment on any guides you’d like to see from me this Season. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day, Guardians, and peace! 

Last Updated on December 7, 2022

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