Can I Increase Inventory Space In Atomic Heart?

Within a few hours after Atomic Heart’s release, users have already begun to dive in and play through the full game. Atomic Heart is an action role-playing game, thus players must store up supplies in their inventory to be ready for the game’s various lethal opponents.

As a result, after a while, you’ll have trouble stocking up because the inventory will be full. Players can use this tutorial to learn how to expand their inventory space in Atomic Heart.


How To Increase Inventory Space In Atomic Heart

The FPS action role-playing video game Atomic Heart was created by Mundfish and released by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. On February 21, 2023, the game was made available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

FPS video game Atomic Heart features aspects of action role-playing. In the game, players use homemade weapons to shoot and cut their opponents. There are numerous enemies present, some of which are airborne as well as mechanical, biomechanical, and biological.

The weapons can be constructed using a crafting system using metal pieces that can be stolen from domestic equipment or disconnected from robots. Moreover, weapons can be improved through a system known as “cassettes.”

The game has a stealth mode and limited ammo. The game also includes quick-time events. In order to overcome his enemies, the player uses a special glove called the Polymer Glove, which gives him abilities like telekinesis, freezing, and electricity.

Using canisters, ammunition can also be enhanced with a variety of elemental effects. The player can get these canisters by looting and crafting, them and then equipping them with both melees and ranged weapons. The player must dump the canister from their inventory if it runs out of fuel.

Increasing Inventory Size

If you’ve been playing Atomic Heart, you’re probably already aware that everything takes up space in your inventory, including weapons, healing supplies, and ammunition, and that eventually, you’ll run out of room to store new goods.

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Yet, as you advance and encounter difficult foes, you must be well-prepared with all the necessary supplies on hand. The fact that each item in Atomic Heart needs its own inventory space is the most challenging aspect of the inventory.

Bullets are the only thing that stack. So, it follows that you’ll quickly run out of room and need extra inventory space to hold more stuff. If you’ve been wondering whether you can expand your inventory space in Atomic Heart, let me assure you that you can, but the procedure is a little challenging. 

Players must open the inventory upgrade skills in the Character Section in order to expand their inventory space. Through the Compassion rate upgrades, the Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack skill expands the capacity of your backpack.

Even if the Character’s fighting abilities are inferior to others, they are unmatched when it comes to survival. You can carry more stuff thanks to the two Neuro-Compassion Tactical Backpack talents, each of which increases your carrying capacity. Without a larger inventory of weapons and gear, it is impossible to be well-prepared for battle, especially when the opposition is tough. 

That concludes this guide on Atomic Heart. Do write to us for suggestions and feedback. Take care and have a nice day! 

Last Updated on February 21, 2023

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