Tears of Themis | All Invitations & How To Get Them

Tears of Themis is doing numbers in popularity and player base. That is all thanks to its immersive RPG gameplay, great graphics, and an interesting approach to turn-based cards/decks. As you progress through the main story, you will get certain invitations. You can use them to decorate your profile. In this post, we will take a look at how you can get them, their features, and what they are exactly. Keep on reading to know more!

All Invitations in Tears of Themis & How To Get

Tears of Themis Invitations guide

As players progress through the main story, they will unlock new Invitations. You can select these from your own profile. To change/Customize Invitations, tap on the top-left of the home screen to change the player’s profile header, as well as the player’s default home screen. I will show a video on how to access invitations and change it as well. In this article The Invitations I will cover are:


Serenity Guide Tears of Themis

The featured character in this Invitation is Artem. To Unlock/get this invitation, you need to clear All Level 3 Episodes. This Invitation has the following Interactions with Artem. Simply tapping on Artem will have him reply with one of the following:

  • Bored? I’ll do whatever you want with you.
  • Do you want to hear me read to you? …It’s not like that can’t happen.
  • Would you like to read with me?
  • Ask if there is something you want to know. No need to…keep staring at me.
  • It’s not the book. I can’t focus because… Never mind.

Bucket Surprise

This Invitation will also feature Artem as the main character. To unlock this one, you need 1 x Beautiful Invitation. Beautiful Invitation is a type of pass that will fetch you these three Invitations: “Sugar Painting,” “Bucket Surprise,” “Whack-A-Mole,” “Ring Toss Expert.” To get a ‘Beautiful Invitation’ you need to do the Summer Breeze Event OR get access to the Mall Time-Limited Packs. These are the tasks that need to be done in this Invitation:

  • Tap one of the five slots in the barrel to take turns inserting a dagger with Artem.
  • There is a random chance that the inserted dagger will trigger the ball in the barrel to jump up and over it.
  • Artem will react with a surprise. MC will react with amazement and Awe. That is the indication that you are done with this level.

Study Hour

Study Hour How To Get

This Invitation is the easiest to get. That is because this will be unlocked by default. This features Luke as the screen character. Simply change it and you are done with this one. The Interactions for This invitation includes the following lines/dialogues:

  • I-I’m not stumped! I’m just thinking that is all!
  • I’m cool when I’m thinking? Wh-Whatcha talking about…
  • I can’t solve it if you keep staring at me!
  • Wanna tackle a new riddle together, my dear Watson?

Sugar Painting

This Invitation Features Luke as the screen character and requires 1 x beautiful Invitation to Unlock. You have already gained the knowledge on how to get one in the above subheadings. The interactions for this Invitation include the following lines. Tap on the screen at the bottom-left. This will randomly trigger a shape. Luke will then paint this shape with sugar and give the MC the finished product to eat. The Shapes you will get are

  • Flower
  • Dog Bone
  • Leaf
  • Bird
  • Key
  • Heart

Leisurely Afternoon

Leisurely afternoon tears of themis

Marius is the featured character in this Invitation. You can unlock it by clearing all Levels of Episode 4. This invitation has the following interactive features: Simply tap on Marius will have him reply with one of the following:

  • Can you be with me for just a little longer?
  • Troubled? Not at all. Not when you’re here with me.
  • I’m in a great mood. As for why… What do you think?
  • What am I reading? Take a guess.
  • Can you be with me for just a little longer?

Ring Toss Expert

You need to use 1 x Beautiful Invitation to unlock this invitation. As mentioned above, Beautiful Invitations are available in the Summer Breeze Event and Limited Mall Deals. This Card features Marius as the main interactive character. To make the interaction work Tap the area with the prizes in the background to have Marius toss a ring. The actions of the ring are:

  • Miss. In this case, MC will then give Marius a smug smile with Marius smiling in return.
  • Land on one of the five stuffed animal prizes. Doing this will enable Marius to present the prize to the MC. She is of course, surprised and happy!
  • Land on the red chest. Marius presents a blue flower to the MC. She reacts with a bright smile as a token of appreciation.

Sweetie Pie

sweetie pie tears of themis

This Invitation features Vyn as the main character. Clearing All the levels of episode 2 will help you unlock this one. To interact with it tap on Vyn, and he will have one of the following replies to you:

  • I am content from enjoying simple pleasures with you.
  • Afternoon tea together? Since it is you, I will gladly oblige.
  • This must be what peace of mind feels like.
  • It matters not what I Like, as long as you do.
  • Do not worry about occupying my time. It is all yours right now.


You will need One x Beautiful Invitation to unlock this invitation. This one also features Vyn as the interactable character for the card. to interact with this, you need to hit the mole with a hammer. Once you hit the mole, Vyn will have one of the following reactions:

  • Vyn will clap for you if you hit moles consecutively.
  • Vyn will look away and stare if you happen to miss whacking the mole successively.
  • After a given number of whacking, Vyn will insert a coin into the machine for more turns.

That will be all from this post on getting all the Invitations available in Tears of Themis. Do let me which Invitation you liked the most. You can also leave your thoughts/queries down in the comment section below. I will be posting more TOT content soon so stay updated for that. Thanks for dropping by!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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