Cities: Skylines 2 – Road and Highways Guide

The impending release date of Cities: Skylines 2 has got players thinking of how best to develop and grow their towns. You will need many things to make everyone happy and stay on top of everything.

This is where the importance of roads and highways cannot be discounted since they will be vital when linking the different areas. In that regard, the following guide will help players know the basics of making a perfect system of roads for use.

Cities: Skylines 2 – Road and Highways Guide

There are many things to remember when planning your roads that will benefit your citizens, too. The developers have greatly improved the roads aspect of the game from its previous edition, meaning you will be able to function much more smoothly going forward.

The game cannot understate the importance of roads since they will be crucial for moving everything, from people to water and sewage, along with the rest of the items. If you have a weak road system, your city’s functioning will quickly grind to a halt.

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Gather all information about your roads.

The initial thing to do well is to know all about the four different kinds of roads in the game. These are:

  • Small Roads
  • Medium Roads
  • Large Roads
  • Highways

The basic principle is to ensure every road can do its best. Small roads have the least traffic, with highways seeing the most, so make sure you have the more extensive routes near the most bustling parts of the city for smooth travel.

You cannot construct on the side of a highway, so use large roads here for your citizens to get to buildings nearby.

The potential danger here is that these large roads can cause a considerable amount of pollution and endanger the safety of people, so for areas with neighborhoods, go with small and medium-sized roads.

Constructing grids and parallels for roads

The grid will be essential for you, and players do not need to measure out the best one in the game. You can make a grid that will allow you to make the best pattern of roads. This will also provide you with access to all the portions of the streets inside the grid, and all will not be too crowded.

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Along with this newly introduced grid mode, there is also the chance to make parallel roads that allow you to have many roads together.

You can turn them into one-way paths after the base is laid out. This will give you the added advantage of managing the traffic rate smoothly since the one-way routes are adept at handling much traffic.

Cities Skylines 2 - Roads 2

Building parking lots

A crucial part of the game will be creating parking lots along with many roads. This is especially important in cities with many buildings, so parking is always an issue here.

If there are not enough parking lots, that will affect your roads, and citizens will be forced to keep their cars.

Building them in places with much vehicular traffic would be best, so your roads are not always complete. You will be able to manage it well if they are well positioned.

Maintenance of roads

Maintaining your roads is as necessary as having a secure system of roads in the city. When they get damaged, players will be required to enlist the help of the Road Maintenance Depot.

They have a group of vehicles that repair roads and keep snow away from them in winter.

Cities: Skylines 2 – How To Modify Directions of Roads

There is a simple hack for changing one-way roads’ direction that does not include more cash or redeveloping the road. Here is how to do the same:

  • Choose the Replace tool present within the ‘Tool Mode’ section
  • Press and hold the left-click and drag your mouse over the road you want to change the direction for and move in the opposite direction.
  • Release the click, and your change is now in effect

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the road system and how it can help in the running of your city. This will be an excellent boon for players in figuring out how to move the traffic around for maximum positivity.

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

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