COD: Modern Warfare 3 – How To Obtain The Lockpick Operator Pack

The upcoming release of the full-fledged Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has excited fans who already have their hands on the open beta. While this will set the stage for the upcoming title, it is yet another significant leap for one of the most storied gaming franchises ever.

As always, there are some perks of pre-ordering the game for players, and one of the significant benefits this time is getting the Lockpick Operator Pack. Here is how to get it for COD: Modern Warfare 3 now. 

COD: Modern Warfare 3 – How To Obtain The Lockpick Operator Pack

The Lockpick Operator Pack is available with players pre-order the game on the PlayStation console. It does not matter which edition of the game you buy. Young as you order it now for your PlayStation. Here are the details for the same across the different buying platforms: 

PlayStation 4: You will have your choice from four platforms of the PlayStation Store ($69.99/Cross-Gen, $99.99/Vault), Best Buy ($69.99/Cross-Gen), GameStop ($69.99/Cross-Gen, $99.99/Vault), and Amazon ($69.99/Cross-Gen).

PlayStation 5: There are the same options available for players with Amazon ($69.99/Cross-Gen), GameStop ($69.99/Cross-Gen, $99.99/Vault), GameStop ($69.99/Cross-Gen, $99.99/Vault), and the PlayStation Store ($69.99/Cross-Gen, $99.99/Vault).

  • The option is to acquire the Limited Collector’s Box for $149.99 from Walmart. 
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COD MW3 - Lockpick Operator Pack details

Players are free to order from any of the places mentioned, ned above, but the only prerequisite is that it has to be for your own.

Once pre-ordered, you will get the Lockpick Operator skin, the American Gothic weapon blueprint, and the Starry Knife. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Lockpick Operator Pack and how to obtain it.

You will be all set to show off the cool skin in your matches across the various maps and missions in the game. So, ensure you get the game now if you want this pack, as it is only available through pre-order. 

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

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