Cyberpunk 2077 | How To Change/Reset Key Bindings

In this guide for Cyberpunk 2077, we will show you how to change or reset Key Bindings. The game for some reason does not allow to remap keys. This is a major issue for most players as a major AAA game like Cyberpunk should have allowed it in the first place. We hope that they can address it soon. For the time being, we have a workaround you can try, to Bind/map the Keys. Read on…

How To Change/Reset Key Bindings in Cyberpunk 2077

  •  Change the Windows View pane to ‘Show Hidden Files’
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  • Go C:\Users\YOU\Appdata\CDPR\CP77\Usersettings.json and edit it for Arrow Keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) use.
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Here is the Keybinds for Directional buttons:

“name”: “forward”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Up”,
“default_value”: “IK_W”
“name”: “back”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Down”,
“default_value”: “IK_S”
“name”: “left”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Left”,
“default_value”: “IK_A”
“name”: “right”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Right”,
“default_value”: “IK_D”

To bind/change the “F” Key do the following

  • Go to cyberpunk folder > 2077 > r6 > open config
  • Open “inputUserMappings.xml” using notepad++ or any other suitable text editor.
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  • Press Ctrl+F, then press replace
  • Use Replace every instance of “IK_F” (WITH QUOTES) to “IK_G”(or the “use” key of your choice)
  • Save and launch

If you did things correctly, you would be able to use your assigned keys inside the game. Make sure to take a backup of the file. In case of any issues, restore the file to its original. Until CDPR fixes this issue, this short guide should be enough to help you out!

Leave your thoughts down in the comments below if you face any further issues. Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!

Last Updated on October 1, 2022

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