Dark And Darker – Cyclops Boss: All Attacks And How To Beat Them

Venture into the depths of the Goblin Caves map armed with essential strategies to conquer the formidable Cyclops boss. This comprehensive guide offers invaluable tips and tactics for navigating the treacherous terrain and emerging victorious against one of the most daunting adversaries in the realm. Join us as we delve into the darkness and illuminate the path to triumph in this epic encounter.

Cyclops Boss All Moves And How To Defeat In Dark And Darker


Success Strategies:

Mastering the Cyclops Encounter: The Cyclops, an early boss in the Goblin Caves, offers a manageable challenge despite its hefty health pool. Its slow yet powerful attacks provide ample opportunities for victory.

Strategic Positioning: Optimal Placement Matters – To counter the Cyclops’s blindness debuffs, position yourself on its right side. These debuffs, though not directly harmful, can hinder attack identification, requiring reliance on sound cues.

Maintaining Composure: Stay Calm Amidst Combat – Amidst the Cyclops’s choreographed attacks, composure is key. Recognize each attack’s audio cues, assess their trajectory, and plan your evasion accordingly. Some attacks pose survivable risks, while others spell instant defeat, especially during the Tantrum phase.

Precision in Evasion: Enhance Survival with Skillful Movement – When dodging attacks, crouch after jumping to reduce your hitbox. This adjustment extends your evasion window, improving your chances of survival.

Deciphering Auditory Clues: Unraveling Attack Patterns – Despite initial complexity, the Cyclops’s audio cues follow distinct patterns tied to specific attacks. With practice, memorize these cues and their corresponding attack cycles. Armed with this knowledge, navigate the encounter adeptly, even amidst the challenges of the blindness debuff.

Basic Attack:

Prepare for the Cyclops’s standard move: a quick swipe with its left hand, signaled by a loud growl. You’ve got two main ways to dodge this: jump over it or step back fast. Usually, it won’t be deadly unless you’re already low on health.

Dangerous Backhand Attack:

Watch out for the Cyclops’s powerful backhand move, one of its most dangerous attacks. Despite being slower like the basic swipe, this strike can catch you off guard with its long reach, making usual dodges ineffective from certain angles. Unlike its regular attack, this one can be deadly, especially because it often aims close to your head.

If you’re quick on your feet, you can dodge this by moving away fast or strafing right while crouching and jumping. In a tight spot, crouch down, move left, and retreat carefully. But be careful, slower characters might get temporarily blinded by the dirt kicked up during this move. If you can’t see, back off and rely on your ears to dodge the next attacks.

Powerful Slam Assault:

The Cyclops’s formidable slam attack, while relatively straightforward to evade, packs a devastating punch. However, if afflicted with blindness, misjudging the direction can lead to vulnerability to this punishing strike. Preceding the onslaught, the Cyclops hoists its club aloft, targeting the player’s frontal position for a ground-shaking impact. Should you find yourself behind the Cyclops, exercise caution, as its swift turn to face you poses a significant threat.

To sidestep this assault, navigate to the left of the Cyclops, eliminating the need for jumping. With precise lateral movement, you can evade this attack and avoid its formidable repercussions.

Uncommon Dust Sweep:

The Cyclops’s dust sweep move isn’t something you’ll see often. It’s a rare change-up from its usual attacks, happening only once or twice in the whole fight. When it decides to use it, the Cyclops plants its club down and sweeps the ground, kicking up a blinding cloud of dust. After getting disoriented, you’ll need a smart strategy: lead the Cyclops around while dodging its hits.

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But watch out! Being too close when it sweeps can get you hit directly. If you find yourself nearby, jump up fast to avoid getting hurt. Keep your guard up during this move, keep your distance, and dodge its attacks to stay safe from this tricky but rare move.

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Powerful Stomp “BOHKEKA!”:

This move kicks in after the boss gets angry for a while or after it finishes throwing a tantrum or changing its tactics. The Cyclops lifts its leg and shouts “BOHKEKA!” then slams its foot down hard. If you’re too close, it’s an instant KO, dealing about 200 damage. If you’re a bit farther away, you’ll get slowed down. Remember, it’s where its foot lands that counts, not where its body is.

If you get slowed down, switch to your fists, move to the Cyclops’s right, and jump over any attacks it throws your way. Keeping things simple, dodge and strike smart to stay safe from this heavy stomp.

Charging Rush:

Prepare for the Cyclops’s charging move, signaled by a long wind-up animation where it lifts its club on its right side, accompanied by two distinct audio cues. As it charges towards you, it swings its club from left to right, pausing briefly before repeating the motion in the opposite direction. Following this, it unleashes a heavy sweep back to the right.

To evade these attacks, timing is crucial. Jump twice when it swings from left to right and then from right to left. Finally, crouch under the last swing. Once you’ve dodged all these swings, quickly move away from the Cyclops to safety.

Furious Tantrum:

Twice during the battle, the Cyclops unleashes its tantrum attack, relentlessly pounding the ground with its club. Upon impact, rocks cascade from the ceiling after a brief delay. To avoid these falling rocks, players must time their crouch-jumps precisely. This phase concludes only when the Cyclops sustains a specific amount of damage, prompting it to kneel.

During this intense cycle, positioning yourself at the Cyclops’s left shoulder is optimal. From this vantage point, you’re out of reach of its attack pattern, ensuring your safety amidst the chaos of its tantrum.

What are the rewards if you defeat the boss?

Upon defeating the Cyclops in “Dark and Darker,” players can expect to find a variety of loot in the Cyclops’ loot room. Here’s what you might find:

  • 1 Marvelous Chest: Contains high-value items.
  • 5 Loose Treasures: Scattered items of various types.
  • 1 Oak Chest / Heavy Ornate Chest: Typically holds rare equipment or items.
  • 1 Treasure Hoard: A collection of valuable goods.

The specific rewards can vary, but they generally include valuable resources that can significantly aid in your game progression. Remember, the loot can sometimes be randomized, so each encounter with the Cyclops might yield different treasures. Happy looting!

Closing Thoughts:

Maintain a relentless assault on the Cyclops while deftly evading its attacks and surviving its tantrum phases to swiftly dispatch this formidable foe. Keep in mind that the Cyclops executes two tantrum cycles, requiring players to endure multiple rock phases. Exercise caution against the perilous heavy step and backhand attacks, which pose significant risks to players with low health.

For additional support, clarification, or a guided boss fight experience in-game, feel free to reach out by commenting below.

Happy hunting! 🙂

Last Updated on June 14, 2024

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