Dark and Darker: How to Fight All Enemies in Crypts Or Inferno

This is a comprehensive guide to mastering the challenges of this intense game. In Dark and Darker, we delve into strategies, tips, and tactics to overcome every adversary you encounter in the dark and foreboding realms of Crypts/Inferno. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to enhance your skills or a newcomer seeking guidance, join us as we illuminate the path to victory in the shadows.

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Dark and Darker: Mastering Enemies in Crypts/Inferno – Your Ultimate Guide

For those who prefer reading over watching videos, I understand the importance of visualizing enemy attack patterns and player movements, especially in contexts like these. However, I’ll provide a condensed overview here.

Attack Tactics:

  • Bait and Punish – Close Combat (essential for newcomers)

Approach the enemy until it initiates an attack, then evade it. After their swing, they’ll have a vulnerable moment for you to strike.

  • Bait and Punish – Ranged Combat

The same tactic applies to ranged foes: provoke their attack, then counterattack.

  • Baiting – Buying Time

Baiting can also create an opening for escape. For instance, if pursued by an enemy but needing to open a door safely, bait their attack to gain time.

  • Movement – Maintaining Speed

In Dark and Darker (DaD), movement speed is crucial. Moving forward or strafing at full speed with A or D keys is optimal. Backpedaling with S slows you down. For faster dodging, sidestep 90 degrees rather than backpedaling.

  • Dodging – Varieties

Your character’s movements are versatile. Crouching lowers your profile, and looking down further decreases it. Alternatively, look up while crouching to perform a “matrix” move. Combine these with lateral movements or head turns to evade threats.

  • Jumping – Preserving Momentum

To maintain speed during actions like weapon drawing or spellcasting, jump while moving at full speed, then perform the action.

  • Pulling – Engaging Enemies Strategically

As in other games, pull one or a few mobs in a room for a more manageable fight instead of aggroing the entire room at once.

  • Cheese – Exploiting Elevation

Easily handle most mobs by attacking from elevated positions, avoiding direct confrontation. Beware of breakable objects like boxes that could compromise your safety.

  • Cheese – Locking Out

Another tactic involves leading enemies into another room and shutting the door behind you to isolate them.

  • Cheese – Using Drop-offs

Lead enemies near drop-offs to make them fall into inaccessible areas, keeping you safe from their attacks.

  • Useful Resource – Wiki and Maps

Although unaffiliated, the wiki provided is a valuable resource, offering extensive information, stat comparisons, maps, and more.

  • Enemy Grades – Normal, Elite, Nightmare
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Enemies come in three grades: Normal, Elite, and Nightmare. Elites, typically marked with red in Crypts and Inferno, possess superior stats. Nightmares, often darker in color, boast enhanced attributes and unique mechanics like new attacks or debuffs. Higher-tier enemies are commonly found after taking a red down portal or in HR.

How To Dodge And Fight Mobs (Including Their Nightmare Versions)

Describing the dodging and fighting techniques for each mob and their Nightmare versions can be quite complex, but I’ll outline the key strategies for engaging with them. Additionally, I’ll highlight the enhancements each Nightmare version gains.

  • Skeleton Footman
    • Dodge his diagonal slash and be prepared for a follow-up vertical slash combo.
  • Skeleton Guardsman
    • Beware of his electrified shield, dealing 20 true damage upon striking it.
  • Skeleton Axeman
    • Watch for his vertical lunge attack followed by a horizontal sweep combo.
  • Skeleton Spearman
    • Look out for his stab attack followed by a horizontal sweep combo.
  • Skeleton Swordsman
    • After his right to left horizontal swing, expect a floor dragging attack.
  • Skeleton Crossbowman
    • No additional Nightmare abilities as of now.
  • Skeleton Archer
    • Be prepared for up to 3 successive arrow shots.
  • Skeleton Mage
    • No additional Nightmare abilities currently.
  • Skeleton Champion
    • No additional Nightmare abilities at present.
  • Mummy
    • Avoid being hit by his lunge attack to prevent the root debuff.
  • Spider Mummy
    • Watch out for his stacking slow debuff with each successful attack.
  • Zombie
    • Be wary of the increased speed and number of gas clouds upon defeat.
  • Mimic
    • Expect an extended range with his lunge attack.
  • Death Skull
    • Prepare for two consecutive attacks instead of one.
  • Giant Dragonfly
    • No additional Nightmare abilities at this time.
  • Wraith
    • Currently, no additional abilities for the Nightmare version.
  • Demon Beserker
    • Look out for a horizontal slash added to his combo chain.
  • Demon Centaur
    • No additional Nightmare abilities as yet.
  • Demon Bat
    • Be mindful of the stacking slow debuff with each successful attack.
  • Demon Dog
    • Beware of his electrified collar, dealing true damage upon striking it.

These strategies should help you navigate encounters with these mobs and their enhanced Nightmare versions more effectively.

Well, that concludes my guide right here. Do drop by any time if you want to have a look at interesting guides. Thanks and cheers!

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

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