Dave The Diver: How To Find The Barreleye Fish

Players will be tasked with finding a variety of fish across Dave the Diver in order to make food via Bancho Sushi restaurant. The eatery will only have a few items in the initial stages given the less number of fishes you can get.

Nevertheless, that changes soon enough with players going ahead in the game and gaining access to new places.

This will, in turn, enhance the number of recipes for the restaurant and you will be asked to make food for VIPs as well that are different from the usual customers. The ingredients for them are difficult to get and one such item is the Barreleye fish.

Dave the Diver: How to find the Barreleye fish

The initial step to get the Barreleye fish is by visiting Sea People Village. Once you have assisted some of the people here, the ruler of the village will task you to acquire a special key located within the Abandoned Cave.

This is imperative since the key will unlock the Glacier Passage, which houses the Barreleye fish. 

Dave the Diver - Glacier Passage Key

You will find Glacier Passage is broken up into several rooms and it is located within the upper area of the village. For players who are present near the lower regions, they will have to go through the portal situated in the middle to reach the upper areas.

After you get inside the Glacier Passage, there will be an abundance of Barreleye fish so you can farm them to your heart’s content.

Dave the Diver: How to Acquire the Three-Star Barreleye Fish

As players already know by now, any fish that is Three-Star is the best. Three-Star Barreleye fishes will enable you to have three servings as opposed to one and a golden card as well.

However, catching the Three-Star versions requires some additional steps that begin with making the fish fall asleep in the game.

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Players will not have to make use of a Salvage Drone to haul it to the boat, given the tiny nature of the fish. You will be able to tranquilize it by using a few different methods.

Dave the Diver - Glacier Passage

You can use a regular Hush Dart weapon to tranquilize the fish for a few seconds. Players will be getting it from the weapon chests in order to get the blueprint.

There is also a chance of acquiring the Tranquilizer Harpoon from any weapon chest. The final way is to make a Tranquilizer version of a different weapon by visiting the weapon upgrade system.

However, be careful while using it since you may eventually see it off instead of tranquilizing the Barreleye fish. Additionally, keep in mind that regular tranquilizers carry a 40% chance of having the effect after striking any fish.

After the Barreleye has fallen asleep, you can get over there to place it within your inventory. Players will find it ready at Bancho Sushi restaurant depending on as long as you go out of the water.

You can fire a Net Gun too to find the Barreleye fish’s Three-Star version and you will not need to carry a tranquilizer in order to acquire many of the Barreleye fishes together.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Barreleye fish and how to capture it. You will not be able to get your hands on it in the beginning parts of Dave the Diver so bide your time and you will reach there.

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

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