Dead Space Remake – How To Defeat The Hunter Boss

The Dead Space remake and the original have a regenerating adversary called the Hunter boss. At first, you’ll have to flee from the Hunter, but as soon as you get the liquid nitrogen, Isaac is confined to a space with the opponent who defies death. 

We’ve outlined how to defeat the Hunter monster in Dead Space below so you can keep your health and ammo packs. Even though this tutorial is for the remake, the general approach to defeating the Hunter in the original Dead Space is the same.

How To Liquidate The Hunter Boss In Dead Space Remake

You’ll be brutally introduced to the Hunter after you locate the broadcast’s source and stop it in Chapter 5. The Hunter is a Regenerator-type foe; thus, you can’t use your weapons to kill it. You and the Hunter will be imprisoned in this room for a brief period.

The only thing you can do is wait until Daniels unlocks the entrance to Imaging Diagnostics. In this situation, use Stasis and amputate Hunter’s legs to slow it down. Run from the Hunter and follow the quest marker after opening the door. Running from the Hunter, you can pick up the Line Gun by opening a Security Clearance Level 2 door.

You need to get some liquid nitrogen from Cryogenics shortly after that. Remember that you can only defeat the Hunter while in Cryogenics because this is where the battle starts.

Dead Space Hunter Boss Tactics In Cryogenics

The Hunter will reappear as soon as you pick up the liquefied nitrogen, and it will lock you in Cryogenics along with it. Nobody will help you open the door this time, so you’ll have to figure out how to accomplish it yourself. In Dead Space, you must use Kinesis to trap the Hunter boss and then use the control panel to freeze it after it is inside the cryo chamber.

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The northwest corner of the chamber has a Stasis recharge station in case you run out. To entice the Hunter into the chamber without getting injured, we advise defeating the smaller foes in the room first. Kill them by chopping off their tentacles. 

When the smaller foes have been eliminated, enter the cryo room and wait until the Hunter follows before using Stasis to freeze it. When the initial Stasis runs out, remove its legs and then utilize them again. The Hunter can then be frozen using the control panel in the corridor across from the cryo chamber. 

The Hunter will be relocated elsewhere after being frozen as long as it was within the cryo chamber when you utilized the control panel. A tissue sample will be left behind for the side quest “Premeditated Malpractice.”

Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space video game series has garnered favorable reviews; the original game, in particular, won several industry awards for the unique gameplay and development it included and is frequently cited by critics as one of the best video games of all time. EA believed that the video game franchise as a whole had underperformed in terms of sales.

Dead Space 3’s financial failure in 2013 led to the franchise’s absence from media production for the remainder of the 2010s. Motive Studio recreated the original game, which was made available on January 27, 2023.

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