Dead Space Remake | Best Weapons In The Game

This is a guide on the best weapons in the Dead Space Remake game. You will survive longer by using the Remake’s best weapons. Dead Space is a 2023 survival horror video game created by Motive Studio and released by Electronic Arts.

It was released on January 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. It is a remake of the 2008 game of the same name, created by EA Redwood Shores. After Dead Space 3’s release in 2013, this is the first entry in the Dead Space series. Reviews of the game were largely positive.


Best Weapons In Dead Space Remake

In both the remake and the original, Isaac employs largely recycled mining tools such as Dead Space weaponry to blast Necromorphs. Dead Space differs from the original in that you must locate each weapon before you can use it, rather than simply purchasing them from Ishimura’s store. 

To assist you in deciding which weapons to retain in Isaac’s inventory, we’ve listed the greatest weapons in Dead Space. This is because each gun is best suited to combat a particular variety of Necromorph.

Weapons In Dead Space Explained

In the Dead Space remake, there are seven weapons:

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Ripper
  • Flamethrower
  • Contact Beam
  • Line Gun
  • Force Gun

Each gun is available in the same order as above. However, some, like the Line Gun, are easy to overlook. Unlike the original, you cannot buy additional weapons from the store; you must locate them in various locations on the Ishimura. However, if you’ve already located their schematics someplace on the ship, you can buy ammo and weapon upgrades from the store. 

To increase a gun’s attributes, such as damage capacity, reload speed, and unique upgrades particular to each, you can spend nodes on additional node options that are added to the skill tree by weapon upgrades. Every weapon has a primary firing mode and a secondary shooting mode.

The primary fire mode of a gun is activated on controllers by pressing R2 / RT, and the secondary fire mode is activated by pressing R1 / RB. Every weapon’s primary and secondary fire has various effects, although, in general, the secondary fire uses more ammo than the direct fire. 

It’s vital to note that you can only choose ammunition for the guns in Isaac’s possession. So, if there’s a weapon you genuinely don’t like, make sure to store it in Ishimura’s store. On the other hand, if one of your favorite weapons has run out of ammunition, don’t store it!

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Remember, you should aim for a Necromorph’s limbs rather than their head or body unless you’re using a weapon like the Flamethrower. This method makes killing foes much quicker. However, bosses like the Hunter and Leviathan have their unique methods for taking them down.

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Best Weapons In Dead Space

As no single weapon can handle every Necromorph-type perfectly, there are circumstances in which some weapons are more valuable than others.

Although personal preference plays a large part, there are some guns that we advise upgrading over others since they are either adaptable or have affordable ammo costs. In light of this, we believe the Pulse Rifle, Plasma Cutter, and Force Gun to be Dead Space’s top weapons.

Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle is not the best at shooting off an enemy’s limbs, but it does offer some of the highest damage totals in the game when upgraded.

However, secondary fire installs a mine that bursts when it collides with a Necromorph, frequently dismembering its legs. After that, you can finish it with another weapon or discharge some of the Pulse Rifle’s primary fire ammo. When upgraded, the Pulse Rifle also has a large clip size; thus, if your inventory is small, you can use it more frequently than other guns.

Plasma Cutter

Necromorphs are easily dismembered with the dependable Plasma Cutter. Although the Line Gun is essentially a superior version of the Plasma Cutter, it has a smaller clip size and significantly more expensive ammo to purchase.

The Plasma Cutter does require greater precision, but if your resources are low and your aim is good, we usually advise upgrading the Plasma Cutter rather than the Line Gun. 

Force Gun

For up-close encounters, the Force Gun works well. Finally, due to its great crowd management capabilities, we think the Force Gun is one of the best weapons in the game. Depending on how much it has been upgraded, bringing out the Force Gun and firing can buy you additional time and destroy several limbs if you see a Necromorph or a group of opponents closing in on Isaac. 

The Hunter and Leviathan bosses and the Centrifuge challenge return in the Dead Space remake. Weapon locations, Security Clearance Levels, and updated Trophies & Achievements are new additions. 

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

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