Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Controller Bug Fix (PS5 and XBOX)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is finally out for PC players on Steam. Take note that if you are an existing owner of Death Stranding, then according to the developers, you can upgrade the game to Director’s Cut at the cost of 9.99$. If you are purchasing the game with the upgrade, then it will cost you 39.99$.

Now, if you have started playing Director’s Cut, you may have noticed some bugs regarding the controller in Steam. These range from Dual Sense Feedback issues, XBOX 360 input bugs, and Dual Sense Controller features being missing from the game. I will help you troubleshoot these issues in this guide.

Death Stranding Director's Cut Controller bug fixes

How To Fix Various Controller Bugs in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

There are some issues with the controller while you try to play the game on your XBOX 360 or PS4/PS5 Controller. Especially if you are a steam user, you can fix these issues with some simple methods. Let us take a look…

Missing Dualsense Controller Features Fixes

If you are wondering why your Dual Sense Haptic Feedback and other features are not working, the cause may not be you. In other words, the issue is with a feature on steam that you need to address to get rid of this bug and fix it once and for all:

  • Connect your PS5 Controller with a USB-C cable to your PC. Make sure that Steam recognizes the controller.
  • Do not start Steam in Big Picture Mode. This method works in normal mode only.
  • Go to your Steam Library by clicking Library > Home at the top of the Steam window.
  • Look for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Left-Click on it once. Make sure to not launch the game yet.
  • Click on the Settings button on the homepage of the game. it looks like a Cog Wheel icon:

Death Stranding Director's Cut Controller bug fixes

  • Go to Properties, then Controller.
  • Under “OVERRIDE FOR DEATH STRANDING: DIRECTOR’S CUT“, click the drop-down box and select “Disable Steam Input“.
  • Close the window and launch the game.
  • You should notice that both left and right motors for vibration work independently.
  • The adaptive triggers add resistance when trying to control the character. That is how you know that this fix worked for you!
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How To Fix Xbox 360 Controller Input Bug

If you have played Death Stranding before using an Xbox 360 Controller, then you may have noticed that your character starts doing random actions, even when you are not using that same input. This bug is still there in Director’s cut, and I will share some tips to fix it.

Simple Fix – 

  • Start Death Stranding with the Controller not plugged in.
  • Once you load up the starting screen, plug in the controller and avoid using Keyboard and Mouse.
  • If you do these steps in order, the character will not have any random movements when you load the game.

Detailed Fix –

  • Start the game with the controller plugged in.
  • Move the character for some distance using the controller.
  • Go to System Settings using the controller.
  • Once you are there, save the game, press A to close the pop message “Saved Complete” and then disconnect the controller.
  • Do not return to the game. Move through the System menu using Keyboard arrows or the W and S buttons for a while.
  • Save the game again using only the keyboard and then reconnect the controller.
  • Save the game one last time using the controller and exit the whole menu by pressing the Start button.

This is quite a lengthy process but this one also works for the Xbox controller to fix the issue in the first place.

Take note that you need to do the Xbox fix every time you load up the game. The same does not happen if you use the PS5 Controller. Keep this in mind and you can enjoy Death Stranding Director’s Cut without any controller bugs or issues.

Last Updated on April 1, 2022

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