Demonologist: Cursed Possession Items Locations

The scare factor of Demonologist has been a great hit with players recently. Players have been exploring the identities of the various spirits and figuring out how to remove them.

There are items you can use in your missions and Cursed Possessions in several places. These will be helpful for players to gather spirits, but they have to be careful in how they handle them.

In that regard, the following guide will help players find all the Cursed Possessions around the multiple locations in Demonologist. 

Demonologist: All the locations of the Cursed Possession items

There is no one place where players will find every type of Curse Possession in the game. Whenever players open the map, they will see one Cursed Possession from the three types in a fixed location based on the item. 

Players will be familiar with most places within the Abandoned House, but the other places, including Cyclone Street, can be a good surprise.

More maps will be given as players play on, but you will know the places of the Tarot Cards, Voodoo Doll, and Ouija Board through this guide. 

Demonologist: Abandoned House Cursed Possession 

Some items will only spawn in fixed places in the Abandoned House, which stays the same for the other maps. 

Tarot Deck locations

These will be the most difficult to find in all the maps and can be tricky to find. Nevertheless, watch for their signature glow, and you should be able to grab them.

Players are advised to use them carefully as they are powerful and can mess with you. 

Demonologist - Tarot Cards Abandoned House

Voodoo Dolls locations

The dolls are dressed in white, so they will be shining when light falls on them. Voodoo Dolls are unsafe for extensive usage but can assist you when you need to finish the side objectives. 

Demonologist - Voodoo doll Abandoned House

Ouija Board locations

One of the most accessible items in the game is easy to use and can be helpful as well. As you search around the rooms, the board will be found as any other board. 

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Demonologist - Ouija Board Abandoned House

Demonologist: Cyclone Street Cursed Possession 

Level 3 of Demonologist will give you the Cyclone Street map, which contains a main floor, a first floor, and a basement.

The two floors are relatively normal-looking, but the basement hosts sinister secrets and creepy feels. Every location has the Cursed Possession items we are looking for, which will be necessary. 

Tarot Deck locations

Again, the hardest to look for, so you will have to look out immensely. They can mix up with the surroundings, so be on your toes. 

Demonologist - Tarot Cards Cyclone Street

Voodoo Dolls locations

They are also more well-hidden than in the Abandoned House. Since Cyclone Street has a lot of whiteness, players can easily miss it. But you should be exploring the places well. 

Demonologist - Voodoo doll Cyclone Street

Ouija Board locations

The Ouija Board is easier to spot on the giant map and will be a great help when you need to find a ghost in the game. 

Demonologist - Ouija Board Cyclone Street

After players get to Level 10, they can go to the Hospital, and there will also be locations for them, along with the upcoming Kurosawa House. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need for the Cursed Possession locations in the game so far. You should be very careful while handling all of them as they are called Cursed for a good reason. More maps and items will be discovered there, so the fun does not stop here. 

Last Updated on April 14, 2023

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