SOS: Friends of Mineral Town Huang Apple Guide

If you play Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, you may have come across Apple Game. Using Huang enables you to play this game.

The game is easy to start with, but beating the 10-round streak can be a difficult task. To make it a tidbit easier, we will show some tips and tricks to complete the walkthrough.

Tips and Tricks for the Apple Game in SOS (Huang)

How to unlock the Apple game

The Apple Game can be unlocked once Huang’s friendship is 6 hearts. A very easy way to boost your affection with him is by giving him tons of Gold (ore), found in the Spring Mine, starting from Floor 6 to 255.

When the mini-game becomes available you’ll see a cutscene, where he will prompt you to play the Apple Game with him.

Concepts to grasp in the game

The Apple Game is a game where Huang shows you 3 identical apples with long names and shuffles them around. After that, he will prompt you to pinpoint the position of a particular apple.

The game comes with a set of 10 rounds, and you will only be able to progress to the next round if you win. For each set, the shuffling speed will first start slow, and as you progress (win), it will become faster and faster.

Winning a set (10 rounds) will earn you a White Flower from him. Your goal is to get your hands on that flower.

Winning the Game

Before you start, you have to identify the three apples first. For ease of remembering, I will provide a single alphabet code for each of them:

  • A – AEPFE Apple (aka Angel Eternal Pure Fresh Elegant Apple)
  • H – HMSGB Apple (aka Hyper Miracle Sweet Gorgeous Beautiful Apple)
  • S – SUGDW Apple (aka Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Apple)

Next, you will want to recognize the numbering of each shuffle:

  • 1 will be when the first apple exchanges position with the second apple.
  • 2 will be when the second apple exchanges position with the third apple.
  • 3 will be when the third apple exchanges position with the first apple.
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STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Huang Apple Game
The number for each shuffle

Starting the Huang Apple Game

When Huang starts to mention the sequence of each apple, you should jot down the alphabet somewhere, such as SHA, HSA, etc.
The second step you want to do is to keep track of the entire shuffling process. This will be your assurance in reconfirming the numbers of each shuffle.
There are also cases of players using video editors to check the frames one by one… I will leave it to you to decide what is best. Confident players can skip this step though.

Remember the numbers sequence as Huang shuffles the apple, you will end up with numbers like 1223221. The real key is to find out the last 2 digits though.  If necessary, you will also want to write down the apple on which Huang is asking for the position.

Subsequently, compare your alphabet and shuffling numbers with the table below. For example, you started with HAS, and your shuffling number is 13312133.

Based on the table, you will be getting SHA. This means if Huang asked for the position of H (HMSGB Apple), you should be answering “Middle”.

STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Huang Apple Game

How to get 1.000.000 G from Huang

While selling the flower you won to Huang will fetch you about 80,000G, there is a way to earn even more money from him. If you give 10 of those flowers to the Goddess, she will return you with a Goddess Flower (Queen of the Night).
Selling that Goddess Flower to Huang will earn you 1,000,000 G. As for whether you want to play 10 sets (100 rounds) of Apple Game with Huang for that amount of money, you are the judge.

That will be all for this walkthrough for SOS: Friends of Mineral Town. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments below. That is all my friends!

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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    1. After you first unlock the Huang event, he will be available at Zack’s house. You can play the apple minigame multiple times, by paying Huang 100G (per game)

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