Destiny 2 | How To 1 Shot With Void Shoulder Charge Ability On Titan

In this guide, you will find how to 1 Shot Shield Bash in Destiny 2. Today I will be teaching you how to 1 tap with your void shoulder charge ability on Titan.

With the release of Witch Queen, the hammer got stealth nerfed. Void 3.0 is released, and there is a new way to 1 tap with the Void Shoulder Charge.

This may be similar to other people’s guides, but I have a few key differences in my build to help with the up-time of the melee. As always, do leave a comment and review the guide if you find it helpful.

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How To 1 Shot With Void Shoulder Charge Ability In Destiny 2 (Titan Guide)

Weapons you need to use

You’ll need some weapons to get higher damage with your melee. The most vital thing to use is a shotgun with 1-2 punch. The best shotgun for this is The Deicide with Grave Robber + 1-2 punch.

After having obtained this, you can craft a Ragnhild-D with auto-loading + 1-2 punch. Another weapon you could use alternatively is Tractor Cannon. This will impose a 30% health debuff on the enemy you are about to punch.

Exotic Armor you need

There are two options for Exotic Armor that you can use for this build and they are, Wormgod Caress or Synthoceps. It is best to use Wormgod Caress for the highest damage possible. It’s true that Wormgod Caress has a 5-second timer.

However, melee kills refresh it and it has the highest damage possible. Synthoceps has a passive activation and the damage buff is lower. Also, you are required to be surrounded by at least 3 enemies for it to work.

Armor Mods required

These mods are required to help your shoulder charge have the highest up-time possible. The mods you must have are Melee Wellmaker, Melee Kickstart, and Bountiful Wells.

Melee Wellmaker

  • Melee Wellmaker will create wells matching your subclass when you get a powered melee final blow.
  • This indicates that if you kill enemies with your shoulder charge, you’ll get void elemental wells.
  • These void wells will grant energy back to your shoulder charge.
  • Use 4 of these mods on your armor.
  • Melee Wellmaker is 1 mod cost with the seasonal artifact mod.

Melee Kickstart

  • This will give back melee energy when you are using your melee ability.
  • This mod stacks with itself, and you can get about 50% melee return by just having two of these mods equipped.

Bountiful Wells

  • Bountiful Wells allows Elemental Well mods to stack.
  • The difference you will notice is that, when you equip 4 of the melee Wellmaker mods without bountiful wells, it will only spawn two void wells. 
  • When you have bountiful wells equipped with 4 Melee Wellmakers, you will spawn a lot more void wells.

Just remember, 2 Melee Kickstart, 4 Melee Wellmaker, 1 Bountiful Wells. 

Void 3.0 Subclass Picks

Ability and Aspects

The melee ability that you need on your void subclass is, of course, the Shield Bash Shoulder Charge. The aspects required are Offensive Bulwark and Bastion.

Offensive Bulwark
  • Offensive bulwark will increase your melee range and damage when you have an Overshield.
  • Melee final blows also increase the effect of the Overshield.
  • Bastion gives you an Overshield when you place your barricade.
  • This means that whenever you place a barricade or punch something, you’ll get an increased melee damage and range.


 The fragments needed for this build are Echo of Exchange, Undermining, and Leeching.

Echo of Exchange
  • Exchange refunds grenade energy on melee kills.
  • With this build, you will be using your grenades a lot and you can have them back quickly.
  • Undermining gives a 15% debuff to your enemies.
  • It does not stack with Tractor Cannon.
  • But it is a very good option if you want to free up your heavy slot for something like an Eager Edge Sword.
  • Leeching gives health regen back on melee kills.
  • This is important because it helps with the survivability of this build.

How To 1 Tap

First you’ll have to kill 5 ads with your melee. After that, apply Tractor Cannon or a Weaken Grenade to the boss. Make sure to keep the timer up on your Wormgod Caress going. Then, run to get your shoulder charge ready.

You need to slide, shoot your 1-2 punch shotgun, and then melee. The reason you must slide is to make sure your shoulder charge doesn’t cancel when you are shooting your shotgun.

Alright, hopefully you learned how to 1 tap everything. If you did, leave a review on the guide and comment something if you feel like it.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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