Destiny 2: How To Get Second Chance Titan Exotic Gauntlets

The latest season of Destiny 2 is filled with Weapons and Exotics, both new and returning. Though there is much fanfare over the different classes of guns and rifles, there are also a few solid gauntlet pieces. The following guide will help players in obtaining the Second Chance Exotic Arms for The Titan Class.

Destiny 2 - Second Chance Titan Exotic

What is the Second Chance Returning Titan Exotic?

Its new perk is the Myrmidon’s Reach, which gives an extra Shield Throw melee charge to Void Titans. Furthermore, you will also have the Anti-Barrier Champion abilities.

Second Chance’s shield throw will stun a Barrier Champion every time they take time out to recuperate. The champions are a frequent sight in the PvE content, so Second Chance will rise in power through the return of Grandmaster Nightfalls soon. 

Second Chance is great since its melee energy will only need to recharge. Titans can just use the armor mod slot which will help them synergize with it, instead of using an Anti-Barrier Champion mod or weapon.

Weapons that give Class Ability energy after players get a charged melee kill. Here is where you use the Second Chance, and go for a mod that makes use of two charged melee attacks.

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You will also come across Barrier Champions in Legend and Master Lost Sectors alongside Master Difficulty for Duality Dungeon.

Another benefit of Second Chance is that you can have a Witherhoard Grenade Launcher, and make use of Energy weapons against Champions.

This is a good deal because you do not have to miss out on the anti-Champion mod. This will improve your Void Titan during Solo Flawless quests and other high-level solo runs.

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Destiny 2 - Second Chance Features

Destiny 2: How to Get The Second Chance 

The only way to unlock Second Chance Titan Exotic is by finishing Legend and Master Lost Sectors. They are on a daily rotation and reset, which will also change rewards in types of Exotic armor. In total, there are 11 Lost Sectors and four different Exotic armor types. 

Here is the link from which you can check the rotations and plan your farm accordingly:

However, finishing off a Legend or Master Lost Sector in the game will be difficult. Furthermore, there is also no surety of you being awarded an Exotic Armour piece.

Players will have to finish the activity solo to be eligible for the rewards. Therefore, you cannot team up with other players as you will have no benefits.

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The best way to maximize rewards is doing it on Master difficulty whenever second Chance is available. However, this level is much more difficult than the Legendary ones. 

Thus, this is how you can get the Second Chance Titan Exotic in the game. It is a great option for players who are battling in specific conditions, though the process will take time. Therefore, biding your time will be key. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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