Destiny 2: Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Secret Chest Locations

Players will be able to find two secret chests present in the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon of D2, that can be unlocked weekly. These chests can come in handy when you looking for some rewards and the following guide has the location for both of them. 

Destiny 2: Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon Secret Chest Locations

Players will not need to think too much about the Efficient Angler Seasonal Challenge while they focus on searching for a couple of secret chests in the dungeon. 

Secret Chest one: Hallofathom

The maiden secret chest in Ghosts of the Deep can be located at the bottom of Hallowfathom. Once you get there, players have to dive into the methane sea again before leaping off a coral cliff as they are under the water.

Once you leap off the cliff to the left-hand side, players will appear from under the methane sea and be able to find the secret chest as soon as they come out. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Secret Chest one dungeon

Players who get to the bottom of the sea will leave it and get face-to-face with a bunch of Hive. As you empty the area of the Hive, get on the coral rocks to the left of your screen and you will get the secret chest.

This will also show you the location from where you can jump off in the future for easier endeavors. 

Secret Chest Two: Ghosts of the Deep

Once players have dealt with the first boss and cleared out the encounter, there will come a long, winding corridor known as the…Ghosts of the Deep.

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You will have to get rid of the Hive present here along with platforming towards the back as you do. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Secret Chest two dungeon

As you are getting closer to the hole present in the floor, just look back and get above the large domed gazebo that is right behind you.

Here at the top will be the second secret chest that you are searching for. Players can also take note of the location as it will help them during future runs as well. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to looking for the two secret chests in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.

You will find the going much easier once you have completed the dungeon activities a couple of times as the locations of the secret chests do not change throughout the season.

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024

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