How To Get Or Farm Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2 (Updated)

The Alloys are the counterparts in weapons to the Ascendant Shards, which supply your Exotic gear. Players must know the best places to get or farm the Ascendant Alloys, as there are only a few.

Destiny 2: How to get or farm Ascendant Alloy 

With Season of the Risen, there are four primary methods of getting Ascendant Alloys, with one having a weekly lockout. These are Master-tier farming, and players should be ready accordingly.

There are three Activities: Master WellspringNightmare Containment, and Witch Queen Weekly Campaign Mission. Additionally, you will have Master Rahool as well in Vendor type. All of them have the Core Amount as 1

From Master Rahool

Master Rahool sells an Ascendant Alloy for 400 Legendary Shards each week. This limit is set per account and resets every week. You cannot purchase any more Ascendant Alloys from Rahool if you reach the maximum number of ten.

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Master Rahool Ascendant Alloy

From Nightmare Containment

The Nightmare Containment activity has a little possibility of dropping one Ascendant Compound after finishing a T3 run.

Although it may seem like a remote possibility, this activity alone can yield Ascendant Alloys. The Ascendant Alloy’s drop chance does not appear to be boosted in any way; Performing this activity as many times as possible is your best bet.

Doing Witch Queen Weekly Campaign Mission

After completing sufficient investigations at The Enclave, you can play the Witch Queen weekly playlist to farm one Witch Queen campaign mission for rewards.

Witch Queen Weekly Campaign Mission Destiny, 2 Witch Queen Campaign Master Difficulty Modifiers One of these prizes, is an Ascendant Combination; its drop is not entirely settled by the trouble you select.

Ace troublesome has the most elevated drop possibility but isn’t ensured. The Unbelievable lobby doesn’t drop Ascendant Combinations. If you intend to farm this playlist’s last two difficulty levels, bring a fireteam because there is no matchmaking available.

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Doing Master Wellspring

Unlocking the Master version of the Wellspring activity requires leveling Fynch to rank 18. It is harder, requires more Power, and lacks matchmaking.

Master Wellspring’s ability to grant an Ascendant Alloy upon completion makes up for this, though the likelihood of it dropping is low.

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Ascendant Alloy description

Destiny 2: How to best farm Ascendant Alloy

In addition to purchasing Rahool’s weekly supply. Out of all the available sources, this playlist has the highest drop chance for this material, and it doesn’t need six people.

A Master campaign mission can be completed solo, but it won’t be easy. Get a fire team together, coordinate load-outs, and get to know the mission. Concerning which missions are ideal for getting them:

  • The Arrival: This mission is not difficult at all, except fighting the Lucent Lightbearer. Avoid playing too aggressively, use long-range weapons, and have counters for all Champion and shield types.
  • The Last Chance: Clearing this straightforward task won’t take too long. Play with caution if you’re solo, just like in Arrival.

Players completing T3 Nightmare Containment can farm Ascendant Alloys. There is a slight chance that each clear will lose one Ascendant Alloy.

If you want a more deterministic farm, we recommend farming the campaign, but you can still use this method.


The Nightmare Containment activity in Season of the Haunted has a possible chance of being one of the sources, which is also included in the above points. That would be all for this guide.

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