Destiny 2: How To Get Rapacious Appetite And God Roll

The Rapacious Appetite SMG can be significantly used in PvP and PvE combat, making it ideal for players looking for a one-stop weapon. While there are some things to improve through perks, it will be a popular choice, and the following guide looks at how to get it along with the god roll. 

Destiny 2 – How to Get Rapacious Appetite

The big downside to Rapacious Appetite is the poor Stability, so you must make full use of the available perks. It will be more assertive in PvP, but the PvP is no slouch, either. While some of your stats will take a hit, the other advantages will work in your favor.

Players looking for the Rapacious Appetite will have to play through Deep Dive and Salvage’s newly introduced seasonal activities. You will unlock the Rapacious Appetite by finishing the Deep Weapon Focusing task.

Players can see this quest from the list of Seasonal Challenges present via the main menu. After you have completed the work, you will need 3,000 Glimmer and four Deep Engrams to begin focusing on the Rapacious Appetite SMG.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Deep Weapon Focusing

Here are the stats of the weapon: 

  • Range: 43
  • Handling: 53
  • Impact: 23
  • Stability: 6
  • Recoil: 94
  • Magazine: 27
  • Origin Trait: Unsated Hunger

Destiny 2 –  Rapacious Appetite God Roll (PvP and PvE)


Since stability is an issue, we will go for Smallbore with the barrel. It will increase Range (+7) and Stability (+7). Keeping with the theme of increased Stability (+10) and Range (+5), we chose Ricochet Rounds. Coming to the two perks, the safest options are Perpetual Motion and Target Lock.

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The former will give you extra handling, reload speed, and stability. When you move around two meters a second, there will be a Stack.

Every stack gives you a +10 for each category above. On the other perk, Target Lock will enhance the damage inflicted by the Rapacious Appetite the more time you have it aimed at an enemy. 

Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep - Rapacious Appetite stats


Once again, we are focusing keenly on the increase of Stability, so going for Corkscrew Rifling makes a lot of sense as it enhances Range and Handling alongside Stability, all by +5.

We also keep Ricochet Rounds here since it gives us the qualities we are looking for once again with the Rapacious Appetite. For the two perks in PvE, we have Encore and Frenzy.

Encore will give players stacks on accuracy, stability, and range through final hits, while precise ones provide even more. Finally, Frenzy will grant you extra damage, reload, and handling if you are in a battle for longer than 12 seconds, and it goes on until you leave the fight. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when looking for the best god rolls of Rapacious Appetite SMG. It can be a solid option for players if they take care of the few shortcomings, primarily related to the stability region and choosing perks wisely.

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Last Updated on January 6, 2024

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