How To Get AMMIT AR2 Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

We saw the release of Season 18 yesterday, and a lot was riding on the shoulders of the devs regarding the update. The 7.5 GB update brought us a new Arc 3.0 subclass with a lot of enjoyable content as well.

There are certain missions that you can do from Tower and Help to progress in the Sails of the Shipstealer Quest. But one small thing that the game does not tell you right away is there is also hidden quests in the enclave for more rewards. Let us check those out in this guide…

How To Get AMMIT AR2 in Destiny 2 (Quest Location)

As I mentioned earlier, you can find new conduit quests in the enclave. Simply load up Savathun’s Throne World and go to Enclave. Next, you need to interact with the Conduit and you should get a quest.

  • Ascendant Alloy Requisition – Simply completing a weekly mission will reward you with an Ascendant Alloy. There is nothing more to this quest in general.
  • Foundry Resonance – Completing activities in the crucible, gambit, and/or vanguard playlist WHILE defeating combatants with a Deepsight resonance weapon equipped.

The second objective or quest can be a bit tricky to do but if you know what you are doing, It is not that tough at all. As soon as you claim the Foundry Resonance Quest from the conduit, you will also have the choice of claiming The AMMIT AR2 Auto rifle.

Let us take a look at what the perks of this secondary weapon are…

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AMMIT AR2 Perks (From Conduit Claim)

AMMIT AR2 auto rifle destiny 2

The AMMIT AR2 is an auto rifle of solar-type. Here are the column perks you get from the conduit version:

  • Arrowhead Brake / Smallbore
  • Alloy Magazine / High Caliber Rounds
  • Well rounded
  • Pugilist – This is a new trait that is added from season 18 onwards. Final blows with this weapon will grant melee energy. Dealing Melee damage will improve the handling of this weapon for a brief period.
  • Omolon Fluid Dynamics
  • Trackers in the final column

The weapon is a Precision Frame which means that the weapon’s recoil pattern is more vertical when you shoot it. This weapon comes with a Reload speed masterwork if you claim it from the Enclave Conduit.

I am guessing, as well as hoping that the AMMIT AR2 is farmable. That is because this will be quite viable in arc 3.0 and a lot of melee builds to come. Let me know in the comment section if you have any particular build in mind for this weapon.

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Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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