Destiny 2: How To Obtain Root of Nightmares Emblem 

Players who have already finished the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2 within Contest Mode of the Lightfall raid proudly show off their Emblem.

However, there is also a big group of players who got done with the Root of Nightmares event after the finish of the Contest Mode and are wondering whether they will receive the much-coveted Emblem.

They do not have to fear since those players will also be getting the Root of Nightmares Emblem, and you must do so for an easier ride on LFG. Here is how to acquire the Root of Nightmares Emblem for those wondering.

Destiny 2: How To Obtain Root of Nightmares Emblem 

For players who are looking to obtain the regular Root of Nightmares Emblem, here is what you need to do after you have finished the event. Those who have only defeated Nezarec and not done the complete raid will also be eligible for the Emblem here. However, it is not given automatically in the game. 

  • Head back to the orbit and get inside your Character screen by clicking F1 (or the button you have assigned for it)
  • Choose the ‘Journey’ tab, and within it, players will see a further couple of tabs to their right called ‘Titles’ and ‘Triumphs.’
  • Select ‘Triumphs,’ and from there, go to ‘Neomuna Triumphs’ by choosing the third circular icon from your left called ‘Neomuna.’
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RoN emblem how to get

  • Choose “Root of Nightmares” from the left and collect the first Triumph called Root of Nightmares.
  • This will enable you to acquire the Emblem.

root of nightmares emblem

Those who have also robbed the two secret chests within the Root of Nightmares event can head to the second page of the Triumphs page and collect the ‘Terraformed Secrets Triumph.’ Moreover, you will also get the shader reward called Oxidized Lead from Root of Nightmares as well. 

That is all players need to do to collect the Root of Nightmares Emblem in Destiny 2. Thus, players should be getting their hands on the significant Emblem as fast as possible to avoid any potential problems in the future. 

That is because once the raid gets old, you will find fewer players willing to teach in LFGs, and you will only contact those looking for experienced RoN players.

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

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