Dying Light 2 – Infinite Zombie Trophies and Scrap Farming

In this specific guide for Dying Light 2, I will be discussing some free sources of early looting in the game. Yes, I said early because you would need a lot of resources in the early game. Two of them are Zombie Trophies and Scraps.

I already have a guide on farming uncommon infected trophies in Dying Light 2. You can also check that. This will be a more general guide showing you how to get infinite trophies and some decent scraps in the game.

Dying Light 2 - Infinite Zombie Trophies and Scrap Farming

How To Get Infinite Zombie Trophies and Decent Scraps in Dying Light 2

I will be discussing two aspects to complete these tasks. The first one will go over how you can farm infinite zombie trophies in DL2. Then I will also be showing some methods to farm decent amount of scraps in the game.

Unlimited Zombie Trophies and Scraps

You can head to a number of zones to try out the method I am about to discuss with you all. But the most effective zone that is famous in the community is:

  • “Alder” Windmill
  • If you want to know the location, here is an image for reference:

Dying Light 2 alder windmill zombie trophy farm

  • To be specific, Alder Windmill is between Houndfield and Horseshoe, as you can see from the above image.

The two Forsaken Stores you can see in the image are where you can farm for these trophies. Specifically speaking, they will be the North, and South-sided Forsaken stores. Also There are two Convoys on the map:

  • Military Convoy (1)
  • Military Convoy (2)

Doing these convoys will give you a lot of free Zombie Trophies easily.

Farming Scraps and Zombie Trophies

These are good for both Infinite Zombie Trophies and Scraps. You can get them by simply looking around, and inside buildings. Scraps can be found inside lockers, on tables, and in other locations in the Forsaken Stores themselves.

As for the Zombie Trophy Farming, do that during the day. Yes, the game indeed teaches you to hunt them during the night, but for this method it is necessary that you do it during the daytime. That is because:

  • During the daytime, there are more infected inside the stores than outside.
  • You can also find virals, that drop these trophies. Their count is more in number so it is totally worth doing this.
  • Cramp them up in a tight space, and use a two-handed weapon to slay them.
  • You should get around 12 trophies every run, along with a lot of scraps as well.
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Once you are done with the Zombies, make sure to sweep the Store or house for more loot that will stay hidden otherwise.

How to reset the farm

Resetting this method is quite simple. You just need to wait out 1-2 In-game hours for them to completely refresh. Another alternative method to this is to travel to another location on the map and come back. Usually, the zombies, along with the loot, completely refresh and you can farm them over and over again.

Alternate Method and Location for Zombie Trophy Farm Only

Dying Light 2 virals

If you want to specifically farm Zombie trophies, I already have a detailed guide explaining how to do that. To sum it up:

  • Head to the Bazaar at night time.
  • Head over to any truck with elevation.
  • Hop on the back of the truck and make virals and infected follow you.
  • Bash and slay any zombie trying to come up the platform
  • Loot them as soon as you are done with ALL of them
  • You can also use UV Lamps to stun them and damage them.

You can get a LOT of Infected Trophies from this method alone so definitely give this one a go!

Dying Light 2 IV Lamps

That is all I am sharing on this guide for farming scraps and infinite Zombie Trophies in Dying Light 2. If you have other specific methods you use to farm these, do let me know in the comments below. I will try to share that with the community.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2022

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