Destiny 2: Lightfall – How To Find Gilded Precept Lost Sector

The newly introduced map of Neomuna on Neptune in Season of Defiance in Destiny 2 has players going after all the various items. You will be safeguarding yourself from The Cabal to capture the Veil so a lot of looting and rewards is present.

Players have to roam all across Neomuna in search of the stuff they need, with Lost Sectors being a staple of all previous seasons. While some of the sectors are easy to spot, others can be difficult to locate even in the game.

That is why the following guide will help players in finding the Gilded Precept Lost Sector, one of the most notoriously difficult to search for in the Lightfall expansion. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall – How to find Gilded Precept Lost Sector

Players have to go to the east of Neomuna to an area called Ahimsa Park. It is joined with the Zephyr Concourse through a long road, where the Veil itself is present.

You will have to be careful of the pits which are present at the corners of the road between these two locations. The other way to reach Ahimsa Park is through Strider’s Gate, from where you have to jump towards the left and get inside the region. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Gilded Precept Lost Sector location

There is a bridge to the east of Ahimsa Park which you will be on and then peer to the south, towards the side of the pyramid slope down.

There are a couple of lights indicating a secret entrance so you can jump onto the entrance. The other way to get down is by moving down a ledge present at the start of the bridge you are on currently.

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Nevertheless, the area is rife with danger as there are enemies on the bridge so you will have to go down quickly if going down the second path.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to locating the Gilded Precept Lost Sector in the new Season of Defiance.

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Gilded Precept Lost Sector bridge

You can attempt to try Lost Sectors on Master or Legendary difficulty which will give you the chance of winning exotics, including armor and weaponry.

They change around through the daily reset with two other Lost Sectors present called the Thrilladrome present at Liming Harbor and the Hydroponics Delta inside the Zephyr Concourse.

There are nine Region Chests present across the three areas as well, which will bring even more rewards for the players everywhere.

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Last Updated on March 8, 2023

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