Destiny 2: Lightfall – Synchronic Roulette God Rolls (PvE and PvP)

The Lightfall expansion in the new Season of Defiance for Destiny 2 has a number of great new weapons. A favorite of players for a while has been the Synchronic Roulette SMG which makes use of the newly introduced Strand damage type.

It has 12 perks to choose from for the last two columns along with a 600 RPM. You will have a lot of firepowers if used correctly, and the fact that Strand builds are so heavily used, the following guide will help players in understanding how to get the Synchronic Roulette and its God Rolls. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall – How to get Synchronic Roulette SMG

The Synchronic Roulette SMG cannot be crafted in Lightfall, meaning players have to go finish off a particular activity for it. Once you play through the Lightfall campaign, you will have to visit Neomuna for the Terminal Overload activity.

This particular activity is always live, meaning you will be in line to receive rewards for it whenever you play. You will have to open a chest across a location with the key, more often than not the Liming Harbor, and you will be able to finish the activity.

After you have unlocked the first roll, Synchronic Roulette will become available from other events in Neomuna. The Weekly Campaign missions will be able to grant you the weapon as well. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Terminal Overload

Synchronic Roulette is a Precision Frame SMG with the Nanotech Tracer Rockets Origin Trait active. Here are the base stats for the weapon: 

  • Handling: 22
  • Range: 48
  • Stability: 39
  • Reload Speed: 19
  • Impact: 25
  • Magazine: 26
  • Rounds per minute: 600

Destiny 2: Lightfall – God Rolls for Synchronic Roulette 


Players have to prioritize a build for endgame activities that will require keeping accuracy and attacking as many opponents as possible. For the barrel, go for Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +7, Handling +10) to reduce the big recoil and perfectly paired with Ricochet Rounds (Stability +10, Range +5).

They will work in tandem in order to take down enemies at a distance. For the third and fourth columns, players can make the combination of Under Pressure and Kill Clip which have shown great results in the past as well. 

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You will also want to keep a Range Masterwork god roll as the damage fall-off is not good. Players have to keep a pulse or scout rifle as their Energy option if they have the tendency of getting into fights through close-up encounters. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Synchronic Roulette stats


When it comes to the PvE format, the first two options remain the same. That is, players are safe to go ahead with Arrowhead Brake for the barrel and Ricochet Rounds as their ammunition.

When it comes to the third column, go for Envious Assassin as it refills your mag after racking up quick kills through a different weapon. You will have the chance to use your big guns in order to take down enemies and then get back on the Synchronic Roulette. 

The final column option will go for Hatchling which makes use of the primary build. Every time you use the Hatchling, there will be a Threadling at the exact location once you have finished enemies with precise final hits. You will keep winning battles and stack up your level. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Synchronic Roulette SMG. It is one of the best, early weapons to have in the Lightfall expansion.

This is why you should definitely go for it whenever you have the chance amongst all the various other missions and quests. Follow our Destiny 2 page for all the latest updates, news, fixes, guides, and more regarding the new Season of Defiance. 

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

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