Destiny 2: RoN – How To Complete Crossfire Challenge (Scission)

The Root of Nightmares raid has been a significant feature of Destiny 2, and it has a lot of exciting stuff for everyone. Players will be able to complete several encounters, and the activity moving into the second week has a unique challenge related to the second encounter called Scission.

This also helps in gathering the Dream Warrior seal, which needs finishing challenges from various encounters and completing it on Master difficulty. The following guide will help players complete the Crossfire challenge in the Root of Nightmares raid and what to do best. 

Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares – How to complete Crossfire Challenge in Scission encounter

The Master version of the Scission encounter will have Crossfire. Players must have aura buffs and pour them into seeds on different sides.

It will also have players required to fire at the launch pad present on the opposite end.

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Crossfire challenge complete

It helps that Scission has similarities with the previous encounter for the Root of Nightmares raid that involved firing at a seed, getting the buff, and bringing it to the opposite platform.

The only way of getting to jump is through the launch pad present, and it needs players to fire at a Darkness crux to unlock it.

Players across Light and Dark buffs will have to launch to get to the area from where they can fire at the seed.

After the required number of seeds is activated, each player has to carry the specific buffs to their specialized platforms. They also have to remove the enemies left and continue the process over the remaining two floors. 

The launch pads will have the Master challenge where one player from a side has to activate the launch pad on the opposite side.

Players will be unsuccessful in their journey if they launch through a pad that fires at Crux present on the same side or goes across with the help of Well/Shatter skates. 

Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares – How to finish the Crossfire challenge and what are the best loadouts

A six-member fireteam will be divided into two teams of three players each, having one runner and two add removers on either team.

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Runners commonly use the Eager Edge Sword, which will ease your life after the launch and simplify getting a seed or buff by breaking the fall and giving your jump a direction.

The player who wants to move from one side to another will have to give the players present on the opposite platform a call. That will enable players on the opposite platforms to fire their long-range weapons and shoot down the crux of the platforms.

It can be the same way for every platform, as all the players can fire at their opposite sides to activate the launch pads. As mentioned above, please be mindful of not firing at the launch pads on the same side or doing a crossing activity with skates since it will fail you then and there. 

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Acasia's Dejection Adept

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Regarding weapons, players tasked with removing ads should have a Machine Gun, with a Scout Rifle being great for switching on the launch pads from either side.

Arbalest is a good choice, as everyone can battle Barrier Champions with it and get the launch pad working from afar. The Champions are Unstoppable Cabals and Barriers. Finally, the big prize for finishing the challenge is the Adept Trace Rifle from the raid.

Thus, that is all the information for players attempting to complete the Crossfire challenge. It will be good for players to go through the various levels and gain experience as they progress further into the detailed Root of Nightmares raid.

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023

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