Destiny 2: Season Of Plunder – Ketchcrash and Expeditions Guide

The rise of Destiny 2 over the years has been meteoric with Season 18 continuing the trend. Bungie has given it a pirate theme and appropriately titled ‘Season of Plunder.’ There is a vast array of new activities, weapons, and of course, pirate bosses. Additionally, there are two new seasonal activities for players to partake in named ‘Ketchcrash‘ and ‘Expeditions.’

There is quite some information to learn about them so you are best aware of what to expect when you start. Therefore, I have detailed the best methods to take the challenges head-on and come out victorious on the other side of the game. 

Destiny 2 - Seasonal Activities

Destiny 2: All about Ketchcrash and Expedition activities 

Starting the Ketchcrash

  • Select and open the H.E.L.M. option present inside the ‘Destinations‘ Tab and watch left
  • There is the icon of the new Season we are in, and the available activities right now
  • I was able to finish three run arounds of the Ketchcrash to get a Powerful Gear, while one run gets you a Pinnacle Drop
  • This will depend on the level of difficulty as it is not match-made inside the activity. 

Destiny 2: How To Defeat Ketchcrash – Phase One

  • The mission begins on the borrowed ship of Spider and your first task is to defeat the pirates on the top deck
  • After that is finished, you and your team has to calibrate four cannons present on the ship to get them ready to fire at enemy ship
  • Each player can handle one plate which will charge them up. 

There is a lot of time to get across all of the cannons so players should not panic too much. However, the next phases of the activity will be a bigger challenge. 

Destiny 2 - Ketchcrash Activity

Destiny 2: Getting onboard – Phase Two

As we have seen till the end of phase one, the plan is to get on the enemy ship. You have to defeat Fallen enemies and Cabal opponents.

This will open up two battles which are different every time you play them, and you can take your choice of two to finish. 

  • Fallen Walkers: You will have to slay the Fallen Scorch Captain which will award you Scorch Cannons. Aim them at the devices that protect the Walkers as normal weapons have no effect on them when they are shielded. 
  • Blow Up Storage Tanks: All over the ship, there will tanks of Ether that the Fallen have. You can spot them through their purple border which separates them from other objects. There will be Heavy Shanks spawning which will give you explosive charges to use. You will have to deploy them to destroy the tanks. 
  • Security Servitor: I liked this one as it involved hacking into certain points on the ship which are marked. You will have to demolish the Fallen Servitor before hacking into the main Security Servitor which will leave it open to taking damage.
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Once you have the finished the required couple of activities, the final phase of Ketchcrash is now open. 

Destiny 2: Defeating the Captain – Phase Three

The end of the Ketchcrash involves defeating a boss which seems to change every week.

There has been Aye-I and Ransaak so far, so the effect of the pirates is pretty evident. 

  • The main goal for the players is to get the boss’ health low as quickly as possible which will cause swathes of enemies to surround you
  • Once you start attacking the enemies now, the next part of the fight begins 
  • After you have finished off the boss, you will officially become a pirate but before you leave, do use your skeleton key to open the prize chest which will you seasonal armor and weapons. 

Destiny 2: What are Expeditions?

A faster activity than Ketchcrash, it involves taking part in glimmer drills and looting the fallen treasure for the team.

Then you will be taking the treasure to a different drill which will have you defeating an ambush.

There are Treasure Maps at the end which will determine how you get more prizes. 

Destiny 2 - Expedition Activity

Destiny 2: The Captain’s Atlas in Expeditions

The major currencies of the Season of Plunder are as below: 

  • Map Fragments: you will receive them after finishing Ketchcrash.
  • Plundered Umbral Energy: you will receive after spending treasure maps after completing Expedition activity.
  • Treasure Coordinates: they are rewarded through end-game activities like strikes, crucible, gambit, and more. 

The Captain’s Atlas is present inside the “Quest” tab which has 50 Map Fragments and 325 Treasure Coordinates.

  • You will be crafting Treasure Maps using the Atlas which will reward you with seasonal weapons, armor, glimmer, and more
  • Through all of this, you will be getting Umbral Energy and give you the ability to focus Umbral Engrams at the H.E.L.M. for weapons as well.

Thus, that is all the information players will need in order to get started with the two Seasonal Activities.

They are a lot of fun as is always the case, with the added bonus of pirate gameplay. There are a ton of activities and quests to do which will keep you busy all throughout and keep testing your mettle. 

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

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