Diablo 4: How To Unlock The Bear Title 

Getting the Bear title is no easy task since players have to finish many quests before that. The following guide will help players learn how to put “The” before their title to show off in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4: How To Unlock The Bear Title 

To get “The” in front of your title, you must unlock The Bear title. This can only be done after finishing the series of quests known as Ally of the Bear present within Fractured Peaks.

There are four quests in total, with the first three that can be done in any order, while the last one can only be attempted once you are done with the previous three quests. 

The Beast’s Challenge

Diablo 4 - The Beast's Challenge

You will get this quest from Greganoch within the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Sea of the Heavens region of Fractured Peaks. Players have to search and defeat Kauller the Collector and bring back a trophy to the camp.

Once you have taken the quest, an area will be highlighted on the map where you have to go. Having taken him down, bring back Kauller’s head to Greganoch and mount it to finish the quest. 

Shattered Tribute

Diablo 4 - Shattered Tribute

Sena of the Bear Tribe Refuge will give this quest. Players must gather 25 Ice Clan Bones through the Hoarforest Demise dungeon.

The Ice Clan Bones are gotten from Ice Clan opponents only, and once you have managed to find all 25, go back to Sena to end the quest. 

Hammer of the Champion

Diablo 4 - Hammer of the Champion

Greganoch also gives this quest and will have you looking for the Grizzly Maul inside the Rimescar Cavern dungeon south of the Bear Tribe Refuge. However, players must clean up the Malnok Stronghold before heading to the dungeon.

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You will have to take down three Ice Clan Stormcallers and finish off the Rimescar boss to bring back the shrine; only then can you get to the dungeon.

Once inside, look for the Impaled Champion Baltok, and he will show you the way to the Grizzly Maul you must defeat.

Bring it back to Greganoch, and you will be awarded a Two-Handed Mace Grizzly Maul

Call of the Ancients

Diablo 4 - Call of the Ancients

Once players finish the three quests, they will have to interact with the Chieftain Glous of the Bear Tribe Refuge. As you take on this quest, the Hallowed Glacier dungeon will be unlocked, and you must complete it.

You will go with Chieftain Glous to defeat Cyhrach, and that will end the quest. This will enable you to get the ‘The Bear’ title, and you can now put it in front of your character in Diablo 4. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when adding “The” in front of your title. It will surely raise your standard amongst the in-game players, so you can go for it by finishing the required amount of quests.

The addition of Titles in Diablo 4 allows players to customize themselves apart from the common areas of armor and appearances. You will be able to gain a lot of titles, and a prevalent one has been adding “The Bear” to your overall title.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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