Disney Dreamlight Valley: Finding The Save File Location 

Players experiencing Disney Dreamlight Valley on their PC will have to know the basics of accessing the saved game files. This is important because you may need to backup, mod, or even add some essential files.

Players can download the saved game files if they wish to backup the game, as the folder will have all the crucial information like the progress made and the rest of the data.

Backup can also help sort out issues with the game, while players looking to install mods should also backup the saved files. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Finding the Save Files Location 

Given the different uses of the saved game files in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must first access them. Here is how to go about doing it: 

  • Get inside the File Explorer
  • Choose “This PC,” followed by getting inside the C: Drive
  • Open the Users folder and then the namesake folder again
  • Get into Appdata and then LocalLow
  • Click on Gameloft, and you will now be inside the Disney Dreamlight Valley folder
  • Now, choose the Microsoft/Steam folder

Disney Dreamlight Valley - saved files backup

Players can decide to keep all their saved files within this Microsoft/Steam folder with many numbers, which can serve as the backup for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you choose to restore it later in the future, delete the present folder and replace the old folder. The good thing is that your progress will carry on from the old folder as you get inside and play the game.

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Locating the Disney Dreamlight Valley folder

The steps are mostly the same for this as well, with one key exception, which will be seen below: 

  • Get inside the File Explorer and choose “This PC.”
  • Open the C: Drive and then the Users folder
  • Head to the AppData folder inside the user folder, followed by LocalLow.
  • Now, head to Gameloft.

That is all there is to it since you will not require the Microsoft/Steam folder since all the game’s data is kept within the Gameloft folder. You will notice several files inside, including Disney Dreamlight Valley and the other saved game files. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Disney Dreamlight Valley game and its associated saved game files. These will come in handy when you plan to back up the progress and even install mods to keep it safe at all times. 

Last Updated on December 10, 2023

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