Dragon Quest Treasures | How To Find All 7 Dragonstones

Finding the Seven Dragonstones is the main focus of the main questline in Dragon Quest Treasures. Let us guide your attention in the appropriate way. In Dragon Quest Treasures, gathering treasure is the main objective. People, it’s right there in the name! While there are numerous legendary jewels to find, the seven Dragonstones are the most valuable (at least according to the myth).

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How To Locate The 7 Dragonstones In Dragon Quest Treasures

To find these priceless stones, you must go far and wide. On every island, there is at least one. If you know where to look, some of them might be relatively simple to find, while others need you to travel the globe in search of them. However, since we did it for you, you don’t have to worry about piecing all that information together on your own. 

What You Should Know First: Tablets

Numerous tablets that will direct you to various Sacred Stones may be found all throughout the game. It is occasionally necessary to obtain these tablets in order to obtain the stone, but it is not always the case. As a result, we’ve made it very apparent with each entry in this guide which stones you need to find the tablet for first. 

  • If you want a quick guideline, all the necessary tablets are purchased at The Spire.
  • Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any of the others as long as you receive those.

Amber Horn

You will need to finish The Giant’s Horn questline in order to get the Amber Horn. You must successfully complete The Snarl’s first level in order to start this quest. After finishing it, you will receive a tablet that will reveal where the Amber Horn can be found. Now proceed to Cinderback Ridge’s westernmost point. Follow the southern route.

  • You will eventually arrive at a bridge, beneath which a trail will head to the west.
  • Leap off the bridge and fly westward. You will now enter a cave to battle the Magmentes.
  • It is impossible to destroy this fiery creature, therefore don’t waste your ammunition.
  • When you get walloped, Gayle will come to your rescue.
  • The recipe for the stun pellets will now be supplied to you.

Return to your base and give Axel the recipe. You will need to complete Axel’s gang mission if you haven’t already recruited him. Make the stun pellets right now. Return to the Magmentes once you get the stun grenades. The only thing left to do is to pinch his horn after stun-pelleting him. You’ll finish the task and get the Amber Horn once you’ve done it.

  • Princely Powder, Densinium, and Fisticups are necessary for the recipe for the stun pellet.
  • Princely Powder can be found everywhere, most notably in the form of common slimes.
  • So, if you need some, simply pinch from a few.
  • Muddy Hands can be used to obtain densinium.
  • Finally, the Cinder Ridge is where the Fisticups may be found. 
  • After completing this task, return to the Magmentes and attempt to recruit him by shooting him with a Buddy Bullet.
  • He will lose his invincibility.

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Amethyst Fang

It’s likely that you’ll acquire the Amethyst Fang before any of the other Seven Stones. It is located on the Paternoggin’s lowest floor. Bonnie and her crew can be found if you travel to the southernmost point of the Lower Paternoggin. You will need to engage them because they have already obtained The Amethyst Fang. A Gigantes, an Umbra (Shambles), and a Ham Shamwitch await you in battle (Shady).

  • All three of them are circling level 40.
  • However, if you play your cards well, you can engage in a lower level of combat with them.
  • Attack the Gigantes’ weak points by using techniques based on gravity (Donk), hit Shambles with fire (Frizz), and Shady with earth (Crag)
  • Another option is to bring a team with magic spells that can exploit their weaknesses (bring your own Umbra for Donk, a Slime for Frizz, and a Muddy Hand for earth attacks).

However, there are other ways to simplify your life. Simply explore the neighborhood, gather several Dragon Attacks, and unleash them when you come up against Bonnie’s team. They will fall very rapidly (even if they are a substantially higher level than you). Since the three creatures have various weaknesses, you should ideally employ a more neutral Dragon Attack. The Hades Vultures’ wind-based Dragon Attack will do the work just fine.

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Emerald Wing

It doesn’t take much to obtain this Dragonstone. Just go to Greywing Bridge Station at night and speak to the Wight merchant there. He will charge you a cool 777,000 gold for this Sacred Stone. Therefore, you will need to get some gold, but you can do so by pursuing jewel-type adversaries.

Citrine Talon

Collecting this Sacred Stone is not too difficult. On the northernmost point of the Pinion Plateau, this Stone is contained in a chest. Just go to the Windswept Moors’ westernmost side. The Soaring Steps Station makes it pretty simple to get to this (the Pinion Platteau is just behind it). On the westernmost edge, a plateau protrudes.

  • Its northernmost point is where you should go to find a huge black chest.
  • Open it to collect your reward!
  • There is no key required despite the fact that this is in a chest that appears to require one.

Lapis Tail

This one is simply interred in Mount Numbumb’s heart. However, you must locate the tablet in order to know where to look for the treasure before you may detect it. The third floor of The Snarl must be unlocked, and your gang must reach level 6. The treasure in the Hinterquarters will show up on your map once you have the necessary talisman and have finished The Snarl’s third level.

  • Without initially obtaining the tablet, you won’t be able to obtain the Lapis Tail!
  • Just go to Glacial Junction Station, take the northbound route, and ascend Mount Numbumb.
  • Utilizing your treasure hunter prowess, locate a crevice where the marker on your map points.

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Sapphire Eye

You must finish the third floor of the Snarl in order to start this quest. You can then get the tablet related to the Sapphire Eye quest by doing this. Go to The Maneland’s Sylphanian Stockade (just follow the path leading from Drybone Station). You can speak with Captain Levanter there. Although he has the necessary map, he isn’t eager to give it to you. 

  • Now proceed to the basement of the Paternoggin.
  • Speak with Princess Anemone (who is hanging out in the center of this area, near the lift).
  • She will agree to assist you in persuading Levanter, but only if you first find a Tanzaknight.
  • Fortunately, you won’t have to go very far because they are only a bit to the north (west of the giant mudpit). 

Bring the monument piece to Anemone once you’ve defeated the Tanzaknight. Go to the Derriere Glacier in The Hinterlands after speaking with her. The Lexicon will be given to you if you speak with Zephyr, who is waiting outside Glacier Junction Station. Give the Lexicon back to Anemone in the Paternoggin when you return.

  • Return to your base of operations and speak with Princess Anemone in The Snarl.
  • Return to Levanter in the Maneland after seeing the cutscene.
  • Finally, he will give you the map.
  • This will take you only a little west of the Hotbreath Halt Station, to the Maneland treasure dungeon.
  • You’ll battle Hornbull, The Sentinel of the Sands at the conclusion of the dungeon.
  • After defeating him, you’ll get the Sapphire Eye. 

Ruby Heart

This one is simple, but you’ll need to collect a fair bit of riches. You just need to finish The Snarl. Sadly, this means that you will need to level up your gang to level 10, therefore you must start going on expeditions to find hidden wealth. However, bear in mind that every single Sacred Stone is incredibly valuable, thus they will all contribute to quickly raising the overall value of your harvest. 

  • Therefore, you should rather naturally open the remaining portions of The Snarl as long as you continue to seek out the other stones. 

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