Evil Dead: The Game – How to unlock Lord Arthur

The first game in the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Game, has been met with a warm reception. Playing as either team Survivor or team Demon, you can experience immersive gameplay. Various types of missions challenge your levels of intensity.

Players can make use of several characters who all offer a different experience. The Evil Dead franchise has always been a beloved part of fans and there is no doubt that the success of the debut game, will offer more versions in the future.

Everyone is familiar with Ash Williams in the game, but there are more characters that you can unlock as the game progresses. The following guide will help you unlock Lord Arthur in the game and what needs to be done to achieve that. 

Evil Dead: The Game – Ways to unlock Lord Arthur 

Players have to finish the mission titled ‘Homecoming King,’ to unlock Lord Arthur. The mission will appear towards the end of the game. Therefore, players have to fulfill the preceding missions to get to Homecoming King. 

Players will start as Lord Arthur, who has to battle hordes of Skeletons attempting to stop you from going back. Be sure to collect a ton of supplies beforehand. Then you will spawn near the Fishing Village.

Here is where you get the Kandarian Dagger, the first item in the quest to conjure a rift. You will be faced with a bevy of Skeletons who will try and stop you. After getting the Dagger, players have to go to the east of the Fishing Village.

The Knowby Cabin is the place where you will obtain the Necronomicon. Like beforehand, there will be an army of Skeletons trying to obstruct your path. After getting these items, you are halfway there. 

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Lord Arthur (you) will have to reach the tunnels beneath the main one called Fryingpan Tunnel. However, there will be a stumbling block once you arrive. Evil Ash will confront you and try to take the items off you.

Engage in a battle with him and he will exit after a while. This is when you will get the instructions for getting the next object- the sword, Excalibur. For this, you have to reach the house called Payne Manor. 

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Here, you will find multiple waypoints. However, in order to reach the building, you must fight through the Skeletons. Elite and regular Skeletons are backed by Red Skeletons, who are making melody from flutes.

Players have to make their way through the armies by battling them. One weapon that can be of great use is the Crossbow. Players should have the weapon with them, having found it during the start of the mission when scourging for items.

After defeating all the three types of skeletons, you can make your way inside Payne Manor. Excalibur is present in the house; collect it. Now, comes the final part.  

Players have to return to the Fryingpan Tunnel, to pass through the rift. The hard task is now. You may notice that a storm, present on the map from the start, will start getting nearer. It will gather pace and bring swathes of Skeletons chasing you.

Make sure to protect the valuables with you closely. Now, after entering the tunnel and making your way into the rift, you will find yourself in a pit. There will be a mini cage, having Pit Deadite.

Destroy them with the weapons. Now, it is time for the final enemy. Evil Ash will return and you need to put him down in an epic duel. Having won the battle, the mission will be complete. 

Thus, the Homecoming King will be your pathway to unlocking Lord Arthur. Now, you can play with Lord Arthur across the game and complete quests and objectives with him!

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

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