EA Sports FC 24 – Best Keyboard Controls For PC

In this guide, I will take you through the best Keyboard Controls and binds I use to play FC 24. These are my personal settings, and it can be different from yours. Take these binds as a rough outline of where your Keyboard Controls need to be while playing the game.

Best FC24 Keyboard Controls for PC

FC 24 best keybinds pc

First of all, I will show you each Keybind and the action they will do for you so that it is clear to you when you go on the pitch. I will also share some tips in the end as to how to use certain mechanics that can help you in-game to hold your own.

Before making any changes, go to the Game Settings Tab and change the Control Device from Keyboard + Mouse to “Keyboard Only”.

In order to change Controls for FC24, follow this path: Cog-Wheel Icon on top-left > Settings > Customize Controls. Now, make the following changes:


WThrough Ball
ALob Pass/Cross/Header
SShort Pass/Header
QPlayer Run/Modifier
ZFinesse Shot Modifier
CProtect Ball
UP ARROWUpward Movement
DOWN ARROWDownward Movement
LEFT ARROWLeft Movement
RIGHT ARROWRight Movement
FSwitch Camera [GK Only]
KAttacking Tactics
LDefensive Tactics
1Up Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
3Left Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
2Down Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
4Right Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)


WRush GK (Hold Down)
ASlide Tackle
DTackle/Push or Pull (while chasing)
QChange Player
ZTeammate contain
UP ARROWUpward Movement
DOWN ARROWDownward Movement
LEFT ARROWLeft Movement
RIGHT ARROWRight Movement
FSwitch Camera [GK Only]
KAttacking Tactics
LDefensive Tactics
1Up Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
3Left Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
2Down Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)
4Right Movement (Skill/Right-Stick)

FC 24 best controls for PC on keyboard

How To Save The Controls Properly

For some reason, when I was saving my Keybinds in Steam, It was not registering at all. Whenever I quit and came back in the game, the settings would revert back to the defaults.

But When I checked FC 24 on both the XBOX App and the EA App, it was saving for me fine, and I did not have to Bind my PC controls repeatedly in order to make it work. I guess there is an issue with the cloud and local save for Steam for FC 24.

Moving on, here is how you can save the settings you did for the game:

  • After you are done changing the binds, hit “Esc” on your keyboard.
  • Now select an empty slot from the given slots, except “Temporary Configuration.”
  • Now save the Keybinds, then save your profile just to be safe.
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If you do these correctly, you will not have to change the settings repeatedly, and it will be all set for you every time you load up FC 24 and play it.

How To Use The Controls Properly

To contain an attacker properly, press “C” and “E” and double tap “D” at the correct moment to win the ball. Instead of changing players using “Q,” press the right stick buttons to accurately change players. That way, you can defend properly.

Instead of flashy skills, you can just do body feints, which is a matter of pressing one right stick and then pressing the left stick in the opposite direction. You will be surprised how many times this will work on the opponents.

When you are on the edge of the penalty box for the opponent, make a right angle with it, hold “Z,” and then press “D” for a finesse shot. It is tough, but when pulled off correctly, it becomes unstoppable since the goalkeeper is caught off-guard.

EA FC24 Keyboard Controls – FAQ

1. How do I change keyboard controls?

To change keyboard controls in EA FC24:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Select “Customize.”
  3. Navigate to “Settings.”
  4. Choose “Customize Controls.”
  5. Select “Keyboard” and customize the controls as per your preference.

2. What are the default keyboard controls?

Here are the keyboard controls for EA FC24:

  • Movement:
    • Up: W
    • Down: S
    • Left: A
    • Right: D
  • Attacking:
    • Shoot: D
    • Cross: A
    • Pass: S
    • Through Ball: W
    • Sprint: E
  • Defending:
    • Tackle: D
    • Contain: S
    • Teammate Contain: W
    • Sprint: E
    • Switch Player: Q

3. Can I use a gamepad and keyboard simultaneously in EA FC24?

Yes, you can use both a gamepad and a keyboard simultaneously in EA FC24. The game automatically switches between inputs based on your last input action.

4. How do I sprint using the keyboard in EA FC24?

To sprint in EA FC24 using the keyboard, hold the “E” key while moving your player.

5. How do I perform skill moves?

According to the above binds, press 1, 2, 3, 4 to do skills moves.

6. Can I remap keyboard controls?

Yes, you can remap keyboard controls in EA FC24. Go to “Customize” > “Settings” > “Customize Controls” and then select the “Keyboard” option to remap the controls according to your preferences.

7. Is it possible to play EA FC24 using only the keyboard?

Yes, it is possible to play EA FC24 using only the keyboard. While a gamepad might offer a more comfortable and intuitive experience for many players, the game is fully playable with keyboard controls.

8. How do I save my custom keyboard settings?

After customizing your keyboard settings in EA FC24, simply exit the settings menu. The game will automatically save your custom control configuration.

9. How do I reset keyboard controls to default?

To reset your keyboard controls to the default settings in EA FC24:

  1. Go to “Customize” > “Settings” > “Customize Controls.”
  2. Select the “Keyboard” option.
  3. Choose the “Reset to Default” option.

10. Why are my keyboard controls not working?

If your keyboard controls are not working in EA FC24, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure your keyboard is properly connected to your computer.
  • Restart the game.
  • Check if your keyboard is recognized and functioning properly outside of the game.
  • Reset your controls to default settings.
  • Reconfigure your controls if necessary.

If issues persist, consider contacting EA support for further assistance.

That is all I had to share in this post on the Best Keyboard Controls and Binds for EA FC 24. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. For more such guides, keep an eye on our FC 24 guides page.

Thanks for dropping by!

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

8 thoughts on “EA Sports FC 24 – Best Keyboard Controls For PC”

  1. I think this is great, but now (11/20/2023) its outdated.

    EA has combined many controls into mouse movement, it seems and locked the below controls.

    For Attack Controls:

    LMB – Shoot /Volley/Header
    RMB – Short Pass/Header
    Mouse Movement – Protect ball
    Mouse Movement – Sprint
    Mouse Movement – Move Player
    Skill Moves (combined the 4 above) – MMB + Mouse Movement

    I didn’t check the defense controls

    1. I use 1, 2, 3, and 4 as my skill buttons. You can use then to make the goalkeeper move during penalties. Also, use the arrow keys to go up and down with the goalkeeper while diving towards a specific post.

    1. press the D on keyboard (My binds), and hold it to power up the shot. Make sure that the meter is green for the perfect timing of the shot. Use arrows to place the ball and take the free kick

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