Entropy : Zero 2 | How to acquire a Race-X Pitdrone companion

Entropy: Zero 2 features the return of Bad Cop. To capture Dr. Judith Mossman, lead a small army of Combine synths and troops into the North.

An upgrade for Half-Life 2. Pitdrone is a boss, right? Unfortunately, our little friend appears to be angry with our bad cop as well. But what if we can tame him? Our tiny companion massacred an entire houseful of rebels. Find out by reading on!


Entropy: Zero 2: How to Make a Race-X Pitdrone Friend

If you want to play EZ2 without any spoilers ruining your experience, you might want to consider closing this guide right away. You have been forewarned.

Step 1

Load the Level Venture Ghost. Continue down the plot until you come to a warehouse with a parking area.

The warehouse should be well-lit, and it should have a ladder on the side that leads to an overhead archway with an entrance blocked by caution signs and a temporary board.

When you keep moving forward and are asked to undertake a dumpster dive, you’ll know you’re in the correct location.

Step 2

After entering the warehouse and doing your dumpster dive, you will encounter your new friend Pitdrone! Unfortunately, he can’t play with any of the rebel bad guys in the warehouse, so he puts them all to sleep and hangs them all securely with his spikes. 

Oh no! Your new pal appears to be furious with you! What can you do to help him feel better? Pitdrone hasn’t completed his basic education, so words won’t help.

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Instead, give him a loving foot to the head and he’ll suffer from a severe brain injury while thinking you’re his new best friend.


Before the bad cop can say “Hello there,” kick the Pitdrone in the face when you first encounter him. If you were successful, the Pitdrone would jump like this:

You can now have a Pitdrone companion inside the warehouse!

Step 3

Once you’ve dropped the generator chamber where you need to turn on the power, don’t go help your Pitdrone friend since he has multiplied and is now more strong than you! Simply shut the door and LEAVE.

Step 4

Before the bad cop could respond with “Hello there,” the Pitdrone NPC entity was in a script and wouldn’t attack until the bad cop reacted. My best assumption is that hitting the Pitdrone in the skull causes him to lock himself inside a tranquil script so he won’t attack you at all, interrupting the reaction script.

Entropy: Zero 2

The ‘Bad Cop’ character, a cynical, wisecracking zealot, is back. To capture Dr. Judith Mossman, lead a small army of Combine synths and troops into the North. At Nova Prospekt, follow Gordon Freeman’s lead.

Investigate the enigmatic “Arbeit Communications” facility. Find out what is underneath. Travel through the polar wastes in an APC. On their doorstep, confront the rebels and unearth a long-forgotten mystery. 

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Last Updated on August 21, 2022

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