Best Graphics Settings for Thymesia on Steam Deck

Thymesia is a new addition to the Soulsborne genre. The main advantages of this production are a fast and enjoyable combat system, high level of difficulty, gothic atmosphere, and interesting environment design.

A plague is spreading around the kingdom while our main character tries to recover memories. The plague can work in our favor in terms of mechanics. You capture enemies’ diseases and use them as weapons as you fight them.

The character progression system in the game is fairly complex, and you can get more skills that can change the game dramatically. At each checkpoint, you can change them.

The skills can be reset at any time, which gives you more freedom. You need to act fast because it can be very fast. One life bar is for standard health points and the other is for wounds.

When attacking, the damage is done to their wounds. After some time, enemies’ wounds will heal, which will prolong encounters. There isn’t a stamina level here. The game is very similar to Bloodborne. 

Moving on, Here are my two cents on the best graphics settings for Thymesia on the Steam deck. These will hopefully help you manage Crash, Lag, and Stutter issues as well.

Thymesia best graphics settings steam deck

Best Graphics Settings for Thymesia on Steam Deck

Before we take a look at the best graphics settings for Thymesia for Steam Deck, I will list down some issues with the game and some workarounds to fix those issues…

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How To Fix Thymesia Crashing on Startup – Steam Deck

To fix the startup error in Thymesia on Steam Deck, all you need to do is enable Proton Experimental in the compatibility settings. It is as simple as that. Doing a small bit of compatibility change can fix your startup crash issue.

Best Graphics Settings for Thymesia on Steam Deck

We all know the importance of optimized settings to play a game optimally. If it is a platform like Steam Deck, the tweaks become ever so important. Check out these changes that you should make ingame to run Thymesia smoothly:

  • Display Mode – Fullscreen
  • Resolution Scale – 75%
  • Texture Quality – Unlimited
  • Shadow Quality – High
  • Filter Quality – Medium
  • Anti-Aliasing Quality – Medium
  • Motion Blur – OFF
  • V-Sync – ON
  • Steam Refresh Rate – 40Hz
  • Steam FPS Limit – Unlimited
  • Proton – Experimental

More Tips for Optimizing Thymesia

The lighting becomes very basic and the visuals lose a lot of atmospheres if the shadows and filters are set below medium. The best way to get the most stable performance is to use an in-game resolution scaler.

The FSR for the game is not built optimally, so I personally, do not recommend that setting in the current state of the game. Maybe in the future, if there is a patch for it, we can see more tweaking options for the FSR Setting.

That would be all from this guide. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I will see you in the next guide!

Last Updated on August 21, 2022

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