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Cooperative horror exploration game Escape the Backrooms supports 1-4 players. To try and escape, navigate through creepy backroom levels while dodging monsters and other peril.

The community is continually rewarded with free content upgrades that provide new levels and game modes. This guide will explain each monster’s characteristics, how to defeat it, and what it does. I sincerely hope I was helpful.


Everything ‘Monsters’ in Escape The Backrooms


Howlers are tall, human- and demonic-shaped creatures that are found in level 0. When you are in front of them or close by, they will begin to run. They may appear to be moving much more quickly than you, yet they are actually moving very slowly. 
If you want to avoid being pursued, you must always look left and right after entering a corner, or the center of the room. If you want to escape him or not be pursued, you must run and find a corner after a few more walls. They begin to appear at 1 minute and 30 seconds.
They become much more aggressive after 4 minutes and teleport to other locations more quickly. They will make noise as they teleport, like a vent beeing.


Smilers are only seen when it is completely dark nearby and are only found in level Uninhabitable Zone. They have an odd shape that reminds me of a demonic dog, but most of the time you can only see their face.
You must remain in the light from the doors of the hallways if you want to escape them. Now, in order to get to the next hallway, when the lights come back on, you must sprint for two seconds, walk for a little distance, and then run.
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Light Head

Light Head is a tall lamp, but there is a straightforward way to get past him and advance to the next level. Simply run. The best way to run is to run for two or more seconds, wait a moment, and then resume running. You will eventually have to enter a dark hallway, but the game will immediately hand you a lantern.
Nothing must be pressed by you. When that happens, you will have unlimited stamina so you will have to run till you find the door that has party lights when you are close. After more running, a song will start playing, and you will now be able to look behind you and see the monster.


In Level Fun, there are partygoers who look like marshmallows but are yellow in color and they hold balloons. They will begin a pursuit if they notice you in front of them or if you don’t maintain your crouch while you are close to them.
You must hide below a table if you want to avoid the pursuit. This level has a lot of challenging parts that demand a lot of mental effort, but after you do it, it becomes quite simple. I won’t, however, explain how to complete it.
You’ll eventually find yourself in a large room filled with arcades and a lot of partygoers. Now that you know how to go to the hallway in that room, a chase will begin automatically, but since you have unlimited stamina, you can keep running until you find the exit.

Unknown Entity

You can’t see them or identify them, and they kill you after five seconds of your screen in the level Poolrooms. They sound like an extremely old television.
The only way to be killed by them is to enter a room that is completely dark. You will see a door and that is your exit after finding a strange but not frightening room (we won’t tell you what, to avoid giving away more details).

Partygoers And Smilers

In Level Run For Your Life, partygoers and smilers can be found, and the only way to get away from them is to run through the hallway while dodging obstacles. You can run indefinitely as you have infinite stamina.
The level is straightforward, and you may complete it within a few tries. By the way, you may see the partygoers and smilers locked in certain rooms before you enter the hallway.
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At the level of The End’s conclusion, a demon shape that resembles Smilers but without a face and the ability to see you, will greet you. You should maintain your crouch since they can hear you when you select a tape.

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You must turn on the television after selecting all the tapes for the monster to depart. You need to wait some time before you pass the level. After some attempts and experiments to defeat it, the end is simple.

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