Exoprimal: How To Join Open Beta Test And All You Need To Know

The much-awaited Exoprimal release got a lot more hype today with a bunch more news regarding many aspects of it. While the date of its launch was leaked as being June 14 and confirmed by Capcom which will host its Capcom Spotlight event, there has been more great stuff.

Players will not have to hold their horses till June, however, as Capcom has a lot of things planned this month and more. Exoprimal really got into the mainstream with its closed beta from July to August 2022 which had players wanting an open beta. Well, there is good news and more for them as we discuss below everything there is to know about Exoprimal. 

Exoprimal: All information about the open beta test and how to join

Exoprimal is the multiplayer shooter bonanza where you will be tasked with taking down mutated dinosaurs controlled by AI. A live service game, you will keep playing for as long as you want with the continuously progressing levels. For players, the good news they have long been waiting for is finally confirmed. 

Exoprimal - Open Beta test

The open beta for the game finally has a date. Exoprimal will be available for open beta playing from Thursday, March 16, 5 p.m. PDT to Sunday, March 19, 4:59 p.m. PDT.

Players will be able to experience a number of great things in this duration including several Exosuits and Rigs, which will also be present during the full game release. Nevertheless, there will only be tutorial modes and training, alongside the “Dino Survival” mode which is a big draw. 

Players will win the Aibius Medal charm after completing the open beta stuff, which can be applied to your in-game character after it comes out in full. You will be receiving it once you finish the survey shown in the final stages of the open beta or after it finishes.

There will be a code depending on which platform you want to play Exoprimal on as the days get near. 

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Exoprimal: What to know about the Survival Pass and all editions

The announcements kept flowing with news of the game’s Deluxe Edition. The normal, standard edition of Exoprimal will cost players $59.99 for all consoles i.e. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The Deluxe Edition is set at a price of $69.99 which will give you a Heart Start Kit containing three skins and the maiden premium unlocked of the Survival Pass. 

Exoprimal - Open Beta test

The Survival Pass contains a free track for each player and a premium track which will have an additional quantity of cosmetic rewards for players. There are 19 separate Exosuit skins in the first season of the premium Survival Pass along with 10 skins for weapons plus many more decals, stamps, emotes, and other stuff. 

Exoprimal will also be there on the first day of Xbox’s Game Pass launch, and players will get three Exosuits with their pre-orders of the game as well.

The Game Pass for Xbox is a little cheaper than the standard edition price so that is something to consider before you go on to purchase the game. Additionally, you will also have the open beta to get familiar with the layout and make an informed choice when the time comes later.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the impending Exoprimal release. It promises a lot of action and fun for all players, who have been really looking forward to the open beta release, which will be followed by the full-length game.

There will more news as they come and keep following GamerTagZero for all the latest updates. 

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

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