Expeditions: Rome | How To Find Spear of Achilles

Expeditions: Rome is a tactical role-playing game developed by Logic Artists and published by THQ Nordic. It is the third game in the Expeditions series, which also includes Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking. It was released for Windows on January 20, 2022. This is a guide on how to find the Spear of Achilles in this game.

How to find the Spear of Achilles in Expeditions: Rome

This is a quick guide on how to find the Spear of Achilles in Asia Minor.

Spear of Achilles Step By Step Locations Guide

After conquering Lesbos you will land in Asia Minor proper. If you head northeast you will find a fishing village called Troas.

This is also where you’re heading for the main quest while trying to find a traitor. In the opposite side of the village from where you entered, there is a Greek villa with a garden next to it.

Inside a tree in the garden you will find your first clue. That is unless you have ALT toggled to see the outlines of items, this is probably the hardest part of this whole endeavor.

Once you have picked up the item, mouse over it in your inventory. Also do this for the two other clue items in the following steps.

With the item in question in your hand, head out of the village and to the small peninsula to the east. Your next destination is back on Lesbos, in the beach, on the southern part of the island.

Your final destination is to the north on the westernmost tip of another peninsula. Go inside to collect your reward.

Once you have the item in the inventory, certain events will trigger once you walk around the selected spots on the world map, as long as you do them in the order above.

Every time you find the right spot the item will be replaced by a new item. You might need to walk back and forth a bit.

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You need to actually view the item in your inventory to activate the new locations.

Spear of Achilles Weapon Description

The Spear of Achilles is in fact the most OP weapon in this game. Damage is mediocre, but the turn-1 reaper status syncs with the barrage skill of the archer.

By act 2, a single barrage archer can clean out most enemies in turn 1. When you get it (especially if you do this late in Act 1) it is a bit underwhelming.

But if you reforge it to tier 3 early in act 2, by rushing to build a foundry, it is quite decent. I cleared a whole pacification mission in one turn using just one archer.

For some reason I assumed you had to use the spear for the status to apply, but you just need to have it equipped at the start of combat.

This is my first guide on this game, all corrections and feedback will be appreciated. 

Expeditions: Rome REVIEWS

“Expeditions: Rome is astounding in every area I was presented with. Constantly I felt like there were tons of things for me to explore and pay attention to, and truly simulates how I picture leading an entire war campaign.”
10/10 – GameGrin

“Expeditions: Rome deserves a Roman triumph as one of the most impressive tactical RPGs of the last several years.”
8/10 – IGN

“Ultimately, Expeditions: Rome is a great tactical RPG that is well worth your time. It has plenty of intricate mechanics to satisfy the tactical fans out there along with tons of tactical variety in its missions.”
9/10 – TechRaptor

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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