Farthest Frontier | Beginner’s Guide, Tips And Tricks

In Farthest Frontier, build a town out of untamed nature at the edge of the known world while protecting and guiding your populace.

To survive, one must farm, hunt, fish, and harvest raw materials. As you struggle to survive the environment and external enemies, create manufactured objects to the trade, consume, equip, and use in combat. This is a walkthrough of the gameplay that is based on my current understanding of the game.


Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough for Farthest Frontier

Early Game

If this is a new genre to you: (and also if you are not). Newcomers could experience difficulties; even I, a “Survival Vet,” experienced some minor difficulties. But here’s what I do know:

After selecting New Game, a menu of options, including the difficulty level and the size and kind of the map, is displayed. 

My recommendation is for both veterans and newcomers to begin as Pioneers (the simplest) and select the Lake map (Easy map). Whatever name you choose, it doesn’t matter. And Large is the size I prefer. Make the seed random as you see fit. Press “Start Game.”

Gameplay Walkthrough

Town Centre

When the game actually begins, a text screen will appear and state something to the effect of:

*Our explorers have explored this area, where should we put our town center?*

Let me explain:

The best spot is next to any lakes and objects that resemble shrubs and have icons above them. Please take note that you cannot halt the game in this mode until the TC is in place. 

If there are any creatures in the currently unexplored area, pause the game after placing TC and take a look around to see what is there. Animals won’t show until some action is happening (they start creating TC). 

Pressing the H key will bring up the “forage tab,” where you can cut down trees, and gather rocks, shrubs, and berries. Hotkeys are preferable to using the mouse.

At this point, only tick the boxes for “Trees” and “Stones,” and size the square box appropriately (but not excessively! The first speed is a little too sluggish, the second speed is just great, and the third speed is a little too much as they begin foraging and developing the TC. After the TC is constructed, you can move on to the other structures. 

Other Buildings

Press B to enter the building mode, then select the Houses tab. Place *8* houses there instead of the required *6*, then construct them at your preferred location near or around the TC.

Build two wells and a firewood splitter while the houses are being constructed (my preferred layout is as follows; I hope it’s clear): *H – House, TC – Town Center, W – Well, -, possibly a lake but not necessary, F-S – Firewood Splitter. Please be aware that housing is desirable and that people will become upset if a workplace is located within a certain distance of their home. 

  • F-S
  • H H
  • H TC H
  • H ^v H
  • CART
  • W H H W

What To Construct?

Prioritize at least *4* dwellings (click on a house to select it, then click Prioritize), *1* well, and the Firewood Splitter. Build a Fishing Shack *Food Production* if there is a lake nearby while these are being constructed. And construct a Smokehouse, Forager Shack, and Hunter Cabin. 

Build a Fishing Shack *Food Production* if there is a lake nearby while these are being constructed. And construct a Smokehouse, Forager Shack, and Hunter Cabin. Look around for animals.

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If you can’t see any right now, zoom in and pause the game. Look for a *deer Badge* where it says *deer spotted nearby* and set the HC area of effect (looks like a pin/person inside a yellow/gold circle) in that location.

If they are far away, click on the HC and then near the top you will have three options. Click *Relocate* and move it closer, make sure this is prioritized both times. 

Set the Forager Shack AOE on some nearby food (Greens, Berries, Hawthorn, and Sumac – all of these will have the “Berry Badge” [ADDED FOR CLARITY – Greens will have the “peas in a pod – Badge”]).

During this time, make sure you are still cutting down trees and gathering stones. Build a “Stockyard” (under Storage) that is as close to everything, as you can, as doing so will unlock more buildings, including the “Saw Pit.”

When the notification to accept the immigrants appears, do so. Tress grows back, and we don’t presently have a building designated as a “Forester”.

First Winter

You ought to have experienced your first winter by now. Start on the Farm as soon as the first winter is about to end (the second year has begun, and the season marker is far left).

Please correct me in the comments below if I’m wrong, but I see this as **Three growing seasons and one fallow season – because there are only 3 bars… I do not see this as 3 years of farming – but I have not personally validated this**. Once complete, set the seasonal plants.

Congrats! You have made it through the game’s opening level!

More Tips & Tricks

This section contains advice that I have either personally observed, been asked for, or received from others. I will provide credit when credit is due. Don’t therefore avoid, people.

How many Fishin’ Shacks and Hunter Cabins can fit in a Smock House? Due to the fact that I believe I have too much raw meat and fish**. 

If your raw meat and fish surplus is getting out of control, deactivate one or two of the buildings for a year. You can survive quite well for a while on berries and a single farm.

I have only tested with a total of two Fishing Huts and two Hunter Cabins per one Smokehouse. I think this might be the maximum, but I haven’t tested it (Population is maxed 42 – have not tested starvation yet). 

I found some useful information. Blueberry bushes can be moved (from a distance to a forge or root cellar). The first year after the move, they won’t provide fruit for picking, but the next years will. By switching to chopping down completely mature trees, the Arborist can serve in a relatively similar capacity as a forester building.

However, a work camp in a forest should have a steady supply of wood flowing in. How do you actually relocate berry bushes? The same way you relocate buildings. It’s at the top right corner when you click on it. 

I’ll keep updating as I can, but if a better guide emerges, feel free to use it instead. I play a lot of games, so I may not be able to keep this updated as frequently as I’d like, but I’ll try.

Many thanks…

Last Updated on August 11, 2022

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