Bear And Breakfast: How To Improve Prestige Level Of Rooms

Who does not enjoy being a cute bear and building motels for guests? Luckily, that is the exact basis of Bear and Breakfast, which has proved to be a favourite for many.

You play as Hank who goes on renovating hotels, earning money, and even acting as a postman. Players have the chance to dazzle up their guesthouses which will earn them more money. This is done by bettering your Prestige Level.

Needless to say, money is one of the most parts of the game as you progress with time. In that regard, the following guide will help players in improving the Prestige Level of the motels through some good means. 

Bear and Breakfast - Prestige Level

Bear and Breakfast: Better decorations

Players have to go to the reception desk where you will find out what is your current Decoration Level and Prestige Level. You will have to better your decorations, which will have a steady rise in Prestige.

Therefore, you should make sure that your aesthetic decorations are at the best level as well as the furniture. Players should interact with the crafting table nearby and here’s what happens next: 

  • Now that you are crafting, simply choose an existing room and you will find out the specific Decoration Level of that room
  • Additionally, you will also be notified of extra benefits like Hygiene or Pampered
  • Make sure to better the comforts of your room, and you can check how each item adds to to the Decoration Level in the Score tab.

Bear and Breakfast: Getting decoration from Took

The garbage collection of Took is a great place for finding items. The raccoon will have his shop around every one of your motel. Took will charge Valuables in order to sell you items.

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Bear and Breakfast - Decoration

Here’s how to maximize collection of Valuables: 

  • Keep visiting places that your guests go to, such as outside, bus stops, bedrooms, and special establishments at every motel
  • Humans will be dropping stuff which you can pick up and sell
  • Each Decoration item needs a specific amount of Valuables
  • The better the condition of a Valuable, the more it will cost in Valuables
  • With players advancing in the game, they will see more and more items added to Took’s collection which will better your Prestige Level.

Bear and Breakfast: Progressing in game

One of the best ways is to just go after recipes in the game. That is how you will be able to unlock more levels of upgrades for your furniture.

Once you are upgrading to better resorts and setting up newer ones, you will get better recipes for items. Every crafting item will have Decoration Level and what can be gotten. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about increasing Prestige Level in Bear and Breakfast. You will get a lot more money through these means, which will be of great use in future. 

Last Updated on August 12, 2022

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