Bear And Breakfast: How To Find Beanie And Get Compass

The simulation genre has just gotten cuter with the addition of Bear and Breakfast. Players play as Hank the Bear, who is converting abandoned motels into proper lodging for guests.

You will also have to accomplish certain tasks, one of which involves delivering a letter to a shady character. This comes during the quests titled “On the Road,” where Hank has to give the mail to someone called Beanie.

However, you have never met this Beanie beforehand, which means reaching him/her can get difficult. Therefore, the following guide will help players in completing this task and earning a sweet reward at the end. 

Bear and Breakfast - Finding Beanie

Bear and Breakfast: Getting the mail

Firstly, players have to interact with Oliver, the Bus Driver, who will give you the letter that you have to deliver. Oliver is presently living inside the buses which are parked to the east of the hotel in the game.

Given that there is no postal service around, Oliver will only ask you to get the job done on his behalf. You will have to travel to Sawdust where this Beanie figure can be found whom you have not met previously.

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However, finding Beanie will not be too difficult as the park ranger whom Oliver refers to as Sabine is this “Beanie” figure herself. 

Bear and Breakfast: How to find Beanie

Beanie can be located in a particular spot within Sawdust. Here are the detailed steps as to how to find her: 

  • Go to Sawdust at a fixed time of the day
  • Sawdust is the area on the map on top of The Thicket or you can also choose to go from the connecting road which is west of the hotel through Timber Crossing
  • Walk to the west side from the east end and you will be crossing many lampposts on your journey
  • Once you get by the fourth lamppost, move in front and go north inside the woods
  • You will come across a watchtower with stairs, and go up them to come upon where Sabine is
  • Interact with Sabine to find out that she herself is Beanie and give her the letter from Oliver.
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Bear and Breakfast - Meeting Sabine

Once you finish the quest, Beanie will give you a Compass which is a pretty nifty tool to have. It shows an Area Map view of the surroundings that you are present in.

Players can access the compass by clicking on the globe-like icon which is to the top-right of the minimap. You can also see important areas and landmarks present nearby. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about finding Beanie and delivering the letter. It is not that hard but you may need a few tries to get the location spot on. You will get “On the Road Again” quest after you finish this, which is an extension of the original mission. 

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

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