FC 24: How To Perform Quick Sell Recovery

Players will have to quickly sell some of the players they receive from the various packs in FC 24. There are a bunch of untradeable packs you will be getting, so there will be moments when you will want the coins in exchange for selling the duplicate cards.

However, for those who want to get back the players they have sold quickly, there is a process in the game to do just that. The following guide will help players understand the Quick Sell Recovery process and how it works.

FC 24: How To Perform Quick Sell Recovery

FC 24 - Quick Sell Recovery

The good news is that players will be able to recover any players that have been sold quickly within seven days of the transaction. Thanks to the Quick Sell Recovery mechanic in FC 24, it will reverse the whole thing as if it did not happen.

However, there is a catch. Players will only be able to return five items in a month (31 days), so make sure you are only recovering the most important cards you require. Here are the steps to follow to follow the full process of the Quick Sell Recovery in FC 24:

  • Get inside the EA FC 24 web application and log into your account
  • Choose the ‘Club‘ tab present to your left
  • Select the ‘Quick Sell Recovery‘ option present
  • There will be a calendar icon in white to the left corner of the box
  • Select the date you want, which is the same as when you had done the Quick Sell process for the player
  • Choose the player from the list and select the ‘Recover‘ option present to your right
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Once you are done, the discarded player will be back in your squad. However, as you have already understood by now, players have to return the coins they received as part of the transaction, so make sure you have enough balance left for it to be successful.

Sadly, the Quick Sell Recovery is unavailable on consoles or PC systems. You will only get it via the EA FC 24 web app and its companion app. They are free to install and use so that you can do it independently.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Quick Sell Recovery mechanic in FC 24.

It will be of great help when you have sold off players you realize you may need later. This process allows you to get back the player, which can be handy when the going gets tough.

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

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    1. Open the app/web app, open the recovery tool, close the app or exit the tab with the web app for a few minutes. Then go in after a few minutes, select the date, press search. The app should show the loading logo for a few seconds and then it actually does search for the player quick sold on that date. You can then do this again when you want to recover someone quicksold on a different date.

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