How To Acquire Isocentered Magnet In Starfield

Starfield, the highly-anticipated space-themed game, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release. While it has received a mixed response from players, there’s no denying the game’s impressive features, including its open-world environment, captivating soundscape, responsive gameplay, and stunning graphics.

Among the various components and materials in the game, the Isocentered Magnet stands out as a crucial item with numerous applications. However, obtaining this precious resource can be quite a challenge for players unsure where to look.

Fear not if you’re struggling to acquire an Isocentered Magnet in Starfield! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step.

How to Obtain an Isocentered Magnet in Starfield

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Isocentered Magnet In Starfield

The most reliable way to obtain an Isocentered Magnet is by purchasing it directly from a vendor. It’s important to note that the stock of items available with vendors in Starfield respawns randomly, which means there is no guarantee that an Isocentered Magnet will always be in stock.

However, this method offers the best chance of acquiring one. Here are the key vendors where you should consider looking for Isocentered Magnets:

  1. Outland Vendor in New Atlantis, Jemison: This vendor provides a decent chance of having Isocentered Magnets in stock.
  2. Denis Averin at Cydonia, Mars: Another vendor worth checking for Isocentered Magnets.

While there may be other unexplored vendors in the vast universe of Starfield, these two locations are among the most convenient for players to access.

Why Do You Need an Isocentered Magnet?

Now that you know where to find Isocentered Magnets, it’s essential to understand their significance in the game. These magnetic components serve various crucial purposes, making them highly sought after by players. Here’s a breakdown of where isocentered Magnets are specifically needed:

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For Research Projects

Magazine and Battery Mods 2: Isocentered Magnets play a vital role in the development of advanced magazine and battery modifications.

Power Generation 1 (Outpost Development): When establishing outposts in Starfield, you’ll require Isocentered Magnets for power generation.

Internal Mods 2: These magnets are integral to crafting internal modifications that enhance your equipment and abilities.

To Craft Weapon Mods

High Powered (Internal): Isocentered Magnets are essential for crafting high-powered weapon mods.

Electromagnetic Beams: Crafting electromagnetic beams for your weapons is possible using Isocentered Magnets.

EM-Charged Shot: If you want to unlock the devastating EM-charged shot, you’ll need Isocentered Magnets in your arsenal.

Amplifier: Enhance your weapon’s performance by crafting amplifiers with the help of these magnets.

To Craft Outpost Structures

Scan Booster-Advanced: Isocentered Magnets are indispensable for constructing advanced scan boosters to aid exploration.

Fueled Generator: When establishing and expanding your outposts, you’ll require Isocentered Magnets for crafting fueled generators.

In summary, Isocentered Magnets are invaluable in Starfield, serving a wide range of functions from enhancing equipment to powering your outposts and enabling advanced research projects.


Acquiring an Isocentered Magnet in Starfield may prove to be a challenging task due to the random respawning of vendor stock.

However, by visiting vendors like the Outland Vendor in New Atlantis, Jemison, and Denis Averin at Cydonia, Mars, you can increase your chances of securing this essential resource.

Armed with Isocentered Magnets, you can delve deeper into research, craft mighty weapon mods, and build advanced outpost structures, ultimately enhancing your gameplay experience in the vast cosmos of Starfield.

We hope this guide has been instrumental in your quest to obtain Isocentered Magnets in Starfield. If you found this information helpful, please let us know in the comments below.

Also, explore our other Starfield guides for more tips and strategies to excel in the game. Best of luck on your interstellar adventures!

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

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