FF16 – How To Perform A Limit Break And What It Does

When Clive’s Limit Break Gauge is full in Final Fantasy XVI, players will see a Limit Break being carried out. Under Clive’s HP bar, a yellow bar represents this gauge, which steadily charges as Clive takes and deals damage.

Specific abilities like the Eikonik Feat Titanic Block can speed up the charging process. Players can initiate the Limit Break state by pressing L3 and R3 on the DualSense controller once at least one gauge is filled.

FF16 – How to Perform a Limit Break and What It Does

In Final Fantasy 16, Clive’s Limit Break form is called “SemiPrime.” Clive enters this state with his sword, and both ignite into flames. He also acquires new, threatening features, significantly improving his combat skills.

His extended and enhanced attack combinations damage enemies more than usual. The impact is brief. However, it tends to be stretched out by utilizing Cutoff Break with more than one fully stocked bar of Cutoff Break Check.

Players quickly finish the impact by squeezing L3 and R3 again rations with no unused Cutoff Break Check.

Final Fantasy 16 - Limit Break uses

When a boss enemy’s Will is broken is a good time to use a Limit Break. The boss is thrown off balance. As a result, Clive can land a series of successful attacks that deal increasing damage.

Using this strategy in conjunction with the potent Limit Break combos can cause bosses to take a lot of damage quickly.

In Final Fantasy 16, maximizing your use of the Limit Break ability can significantly improve your battle performance. Some ways can players can use Limit Break to maximize their potential of it.

Turning Limit Break is exceptionally beneficial when an enemy is staggered. Staggered adversaries take more harm and can’t fight back, giving a continuous window to you to bargain weighty harm. Remember that the Limit Break only lasts a short time, so maximizing output during this window is crucial.

You must reduce their Stagger Stature to stagger an enemy effectively. You can accomplish this by continually causing damage to them. This can be simplified by using high-rated Stagger Abilities and increasing your Stagger stat through leveling.

One of the advantages of Cutoff Break is that it mends Clive each time he harms a foe.

So, when you’re low on HP, Limit Break can significantly increase your chances of survival, allowing Clive to keep fighting well. Limit Break can be used during the enemy’s takedown state as they are defenseless and more vulnerable to damage in the takedown state, which is similar to the staggered state. Because of this, it presents an excellent opportunity to use Limit Break to deal significant damage.

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Using abilities like Precision Dodge or Titan Block, attacking enemies, taking damage, or using the Limit Break Gauge can charge it. Keep an eye on the gauge regularly to ensure you can use Limit Break when needed. Upgrading your Limit Break ability will give you more meters and lengthen your Limit Break.

You can start with up to four gauges in Final Fantasy 16 with the appropriate upgrades. When Clive enters Limit Break mode, several of his abilities undergo modifications that significantly improve his combat performance. The purpose of these enhancements is to give players a distinct advantage during crucial battle phases.

Final Fantasy XVI: How is Clive Affected by Limit Break

Clive’s abilities are affected by Limit Break in several ways. Clive’s weapon handling changes, allowing for more dynamic and potent attacks. He may gain a significant advantage in combat thanks to these modifications.

Clive’s enchanted capacities likewise get a lift. The use of two shots gives magic more chances to cause damage.

Final Fantasy 16 - Limit Break upgrade

Charge Shot, Magic Burst, and Precision Shot all see an increase in power that is 1.1 times greater.

Thanks to their increased power, these abilities can deal more damage than usual. Clive takes less damage from enemy attacks because his defense increases by 1.1 times.

The HP regeneration in Limit Break mode is perhaps one of the most significant changes. Clive’s health can be crucially affected by this feature during brutal battles.

Clive does not react to being hit during Limit Break, allowing him to continue his attacks without interruption. Additionally, while the Limit Break is still in effect, he is invulnerable for a short time.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Increase Limit Break

Upgrading your Limit Break Gauge is essential for increasing the duration of your Limit Breaks. Clive begins with two Limit Break Gauges at first. However, upgrades can improve this number, resulting in four gauges.

In most Final Fantasy games, you can improve your abilities and stats by spending experience points (XP) or ability points (AP), which you get from winning battles, completing missions, or using particular items.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Limit Break aspect of Final Fantasy XVI. You will gain many advantages by using it in the game, so make sure to keep yours updated.

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

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